Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2010...look out 2011 here we come!

We spent our 2010 NYE out at the Roth's cabin...lots of food and lots of fun!

Here are some of the kiddos playing in the living room.
 Nathan James

 Matthew Owen

 Lucas Christopher

 My man!
 Daddy and Nathan playing with a new years horn
 so fun!
 We decided to take pictures of each of the families that we spent our NYE many pictures as I took there was no way I was getting everyone because it was go go go all night least until 7:00 when we came home hahaha!

Levi, Jamie and Nate
 Lisa, Josh, Austin and Siler
 Mel, Adam, Bennett and Gavin
 Me, John, L, M and N
2010 was full of the most wonderful memories yet, I can't wait for all the new adventures we will have in 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Airdrie Pizza Party!

John, the boys and I have been trying to get to Airdrie to visit the Connolleys for the past month.  Everytime we make plans something (almost always the weather) gets in our way.  We decided that today was the day, nice out or not....and turned out not!  Even with the cold weather we had an awesome play/pizza party!

Here is a picture of the four little fellas!

 And here are the mommas and the little boys...John and Shaun were in fact present for this paydate...Shaun was just stuck behind the camera and John was getting all our stuff ready for the drive home! (Matthew was not being ignored he was just happy as a little bug sitting there sucking his blanket!)

I love these two pictures, and I loved our time in Airdrie with the Connolleys!

Although it was too cold to go outside and walk around Airdrie lights, we did drive by on our way out of town.  They were SO impressive!  I can't wait for a warm December 2011 night to walk the fellas around the lights!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GO Rebels GO!

Tonight we took the boys to their very first Rebels game.  Lots of our friends and family were going tonight and there were 2 extra tickets so we decided to give it a is on our list of things to do before the boys turn two!

Here are the boys with Wooly Bully...they look interested hey?!?!

We went up to sit with Kevin, Cher, Emma and Tommy.  We had the PERFECT spot for triplets!  There were two seats that John and I sat in and we were kind of "boxed in".  The boys had a little bit of room to move around and they all had a space against the rail where they could climb...I mean watch the game!

Here is Matty watching intently...this lasted about 14 seconds!
 Luc and Kevin chilling in the row behind us!
 Daddy and Nate
 and then the funnest thing happened...

It was 1-0 for the rebels...
Just kidding...we made it onto the jumbotron!!! (but it was kind of exciting that the Rebs were up 1-0!)

Just a cute pic of Nate peeking back at the Lees!
 Lucas also peeking to see what all the fuss is about!

We finished off the first period with some ice cream...who can go to the Rebels game and not get a twist!  The boys LOVED it!

We "watched" the entire first period and the boys were awesome!  The boys were starting to get tired so we decided to head home.  The Rebels were up 2-0 so maybe we were good luck!!!

Thanks Keith for tickets, Mom and Dad for the help getting the boys in, The Lees for the help entertaining the fellas at the game and taking some pictures for us, and Cale for hooking us up with the Jumbotron!  Love you all!  Another activity checked off the list!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Alexander Style

Tonight we took the boys out to Nana and Grandpa Alexander's house for another Christmas.
The boys were a little shy...
 Because there was a nana santa...I mean another santa!
Nathan with Santa
 Lucas getting a smooch from santa
 and Matty was super shy so Daddy had to go and visit santa with him!
 Daddy and Matty...Matty was still keeping an eye on Santa!
 The boys got a bouncer for Christmas from Uncle Franny...SO. MUCH. FUN!!!
2 boys in...1 still being a little shy
 Nathan LOVED this new toy
 Lucas was a little unsure at first, but warmed up to it VERY quickly!
 Nathan Loving Life!
 a lot!
 Nate and Luc playing around
 Matthew finally decided to try it out
 3 boys playing
 Nate ready to head down the slide!
 The  boys were so silly when they were in the bouncer
 Nana catching 2 of her favorite guys at the bottom of the slide
 Matthew decided that he liked the bouncer too!
 Just chillin!
 Having SO much fun!
 After the bouncer got put away Lokee came upstairs to visit the boys...they LOVE Lokee.  Here is Matthew trying to get a kiss!
 and again...Lokee is a little stingy with his kisses compared to Bones! hahaha
 Nathan trying to tell Lokee a secret
 All three boys up on G-pa's bench...the closest we have been in probably a month at getting all three boys looking at the same time and sitting still!
We had a FANTASTIC turkey dinner for supper and I can't wait to see the boys back in action in their bouncer!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This morning when we woke up we packed the fellas up and went over to Grammy and Grandpas...and guess who was there...SANTA!!!

Santa coming out to say hi to the fellas!

The boys collecting their gifts from the man in red! 

Santa and Lucas...Lucas must have said something surprising! 

Matty and Santa having a special moment!

Matthew on Santa's lap 

Nathan and Santa

Lucas and Santa

After the boys had their special time with Santa, everyone wanted in on the action!
Santa and Cale

Santa and GAK 

Santa and Mick 
(Uncle Dave's great friend from England) 

Santa with the Great G-units! 

Santa and Uncle Dave

Santa, Grammy and Luc 

We had a very BUSY christmas morning...lots of people, presents and crazy yummy food!  We were all absolutely spoiled!  The boys were pretty funny this morning, entertaining us with kissing their newly unwrapped presents, delivering presents, and almost delivering presents!  But unfortunately I did not get anymore pictures taken until after naptime today.

We looked around for a sled that the three boys and the pup could fit in and there was not one to be Grandpa made one for us!  We call it the hillbilly triplet sled...and the boys LOVED it!  It is combo of a giant tupperware, some wood, string, hardware, and an old pair of x-country skis, GENIUS!!!

Here is Daddy pulling the boys and their pup

Lucas being serious!  A rare occurrence. 

Bones snuggled right in with Nathan

Just another angle! 

Nathan was Bones' seatbelt, he held onto her pretty tight for most of the walk!

Lucas finally sitting! 

The boys in the back

Daddy pulling his boys...and a better look at the sled itself! 

John started running and the boys loved it!  Their hair was flying in the breeze!

When we got back to the house the boys were not ready to go inside yet so we did some shovelling! 

 Matthew pushing his shovel around! 
 You want me to do what?


Men at work! 

Time for a break :)

Lucas figured out how to throw snow from his shovel onto his head...

soooo cold! 

Back to work!

Lucas decided to take his shovel back into the garage...

and trade it for one of Daddy's hockey sticks! 

Nate playing in the snow

So Matty tried too! 

We went over to GAK & GUD's for a yummy Christmas dinner...but again we were too busy to take pictures...this seems to be happening more and more!  Although it was busy we had a great time, and the boys loved running around kissing all the snowmen!  Tomorrow we are off to Nana and Grandpas for another day of fun!
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