Friday, December 24, 2010

1 more sleep until Christmas!

Tonight my boys and I went over to Grammy and Grandpas for our annual Christmas Eve party.

Grammy whipped the cream for the moosemilk and let Luc and Matty each have a beater...mmmm
 Don't worry we dipped a whisk in the whipped cream so Nate did not feel left out!
 The gang gathered around the table for our Christmas Eve KFC feast!
 Matthew decided to eat in his wagon instead...It is hard to see in this picture but he was actually licking off his they say KFC is finger lickin good!
 Making faces for the camera!
 Daddy and Lucas eating some supper!
 Nathan with a piece of tinsel stuck to his face...he seemed to be some sort of a tinsel magnet!
 Nathan and Cale in deep conversation.
 Matthew after he got a taste of some more whipped cream...
 Nathan having a finger full!!!
After this point it got to hard to take pictures and monitor the boys calorie intake at the same time hahaha, but don't worry they did not just have whipped cream, and KFC for supper... I made sure they had some fruit and veggies before we went over!

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