Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010


Okay now that the disclaimer is out of the way let me just tell you why there are so many's because little boys in pumpkin suits are so freaking cute!!!

After their nap (a 45 minute one, grrr) the boys, Grammy and I went to do a little trick-or-treating! First we had to get them into their suits, they love thier suits.  Here is Lucas asking Grammy to put his suit on for him!
 Our first stop was Nana and Grandpa Alexander's house.  When we got there Uncle Franny and Grandpa were working outside so we had them hide out in the garage until the boys were in their costumes.  Here they are all ready to show off their costumes!
 A little tippy on the uneven ground
We go into the garage and what is the first thing they found...that's right it was a vacuum! 
 These boys are obsessed!
 Nana passing out some treats!
 Action shot :)
 Nana and two of the little pumpkins!
 The pumpkins helping out G-pa in the garage.  Before we know it they will be over there "helping" all the time!
 Everybody working!
 Lucas going for a ride on one of G-pa's motorcycles
 Just being cute!
 Since Daddy was not there Nana got to finally feed the fellas some chocolate!
 She really took advantage of the situation hahaha!
 Nathan after a tumble...tumbling pumpkins are way too cute!

 Our next stop was GG-ma and GG-pa Brahams.
 Up the stairs and into the house...
 Matthew making sure everyone was in...
 so they could triple team Gg-pa and get into the tupperware cupboard!!!
 and they could not find a vacuum...but they did find a duster.  Like I said - obsessed!
 Pumpkin at work!
 Since they got such a good treat (and found some cleaning supplies) they figures that they would hit up the house next door!
 We then loaded up the pumpkins and walked over to the MacCabe's. (we did try to do it without the stroller first but made it about three houses in ten minutes and decided that we NEEDED the stroller!)
I have no idea which pumpkin this is...but I can tell you that whoever it is I love him to pieces!
 Everyone looking at Cale
 Okay done looking at Cale because GAK is standing behind him with a big bowl of candy!
 They still do not know that you have to take the wrapper off to get to the chocolate!

 Our three little pumpkins!

 Diving into the candy bowl!
 Lucas being sneaky!
 and then cute!
 Our attempt at a group shot!
 Another try...and believe me there were a lot of outakes!!!
plump little pumpkin
 Matty on the run, like usual!
 A little break
 So remember what I said earlier in this post about the not knowing about getting the wrapper off to get the chocolate...while on the way home Matthew figured it out!
I can't believe that we are now going through seconds of things.  Our second halloween was so much fun! 364 days until we get to do it all again!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Every morning when the boys get up they do the exact. same. thing.  First they peek down the hall to see if there are any doors open (if there is they very quickly all run in), then they run the kitchen and check to see if under the sink is locked up (if it's not they start pulling stuff out), then they run to see if the dog dishes are up (if they are not, they dump the water out and then throw the food around), then they run to the cuddle chair to see if the cushions are down (if they are not they climb up), then they check to make sure the blinds are all up (if they are not then they pull on them) and finally they run over to make sure the computer is put away (if it is not they try to send an email or two)!

Just like they have their morning routine, they have their downstairs door check is ALWAYS first...and tonight they hit the bathroom door, no locks on the cupboards, and an open shower door.  Grammy supervised and the boys did a little exploring!

Lucas letting his brothers know that he got in under the sink!
 Matthew heading over to join him...
 But Nathan beat him there!!!
 Soon after Nathan left the cupboard to throw toilet paper into the shower...
 and then go in and get it!
 and bring it back out!!!

I really should print out this post and use it as a checklist of the things that I need to do each ngiht before I go to bed...but it is so fun to see their little faces when they find something that I have forgotten!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One week until Halloween!

Around halloween a "phantom" makes it's rounds around our neighborhood...and last night he hit our house!

Here is the ghost that we display on our door to let everyone know that we have already been "hit"...and if you look closely you can see Nathan through the window...looks like the ghost spots him too! (and yes our ghost does have a moustache hahaha)
 The phantom left two yummy bottles of wine for mommy and daddy...
And a lightning mcqueen ride on car for the fellas...and as you can clearly see they were very excited!!! 
 Lucas clearly impressed by what the phantom delivered!
 Matthew giving it a try
 Nathan feeling Matthew's spikes!
 Nate's turn!
 Since there is only one week left until halloween we decided to carve our pumpkin today.

Nate and Luc checking out the pumpkin
 Matthew REALLY wanted to pick it up!
 so cute!
 rolling the pumpkin around

 Nathan giving the pumpkin a kiss!
 Where's the stem?  There it is!
 All three fellas!
 still trying to pick up the pumpkin
 Nathan being adorable
 Aunty K and the fellas feeling the guck inside the pumpkin
 Nathan was SO excited about it
 Matthew digging right in
 all three of the boys with a hand in the pumpkin!
 Still playing
 and a super cute picture of Nathan and G-pa playing peek-a-boo!
We have had another fantastic weekend with Daddy home.  He has to go back to work tomorrow but we will start the countdown until he is home again!
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