Thursday, March 31, 2011

Locked Out!

For some reason tonight I am struggling to come up with words to describe our adventure today, I can't come up with a title and I don't know how to start.  I guess I will start with a little explanation of one of our routines.

 When I am loading the boys into the car I take them out one at a time, put them in their carseat, and go back for the next one.  When we get home I do the same thing in reverse.

This morning when we got home I got Matty out of the car and put him in the house.  Then I went back and got Nate, and took him into the house.  Then back for Luc...but we did not get back into the house...the other boys had locked us out!

They have never shown any interest in the lock so I had not really thought much about it.  I had however thought that if it did happen I would just use the keypad and go in through the front door.  Unfortunately today for some reason I had left the bottom part of the front door locked so no luck.  So what does any girl do when she does not know what to do...calls her Momma!

My mom called the locksmith for me, and they said that someone was on their way.  I thought that it would not be too long because awhile back Bones locked herself in the car and they were here in about ten minutes.

So Luc and I went to the front window and the other boys met us there (from the inside of course).  We high fived through the window, gave kisses through the window, and for the first 25 minutes they were fine...that's right 25 minutes!!!  I called the locksmith probably 5 times and each time they said it would just be a few more minutes...GRRR.  Finally about half an hour later we were in the house...and not because of the locksmith, I used a screwdriver to work my way in through the garage.  Talk about an upsetting morning.  Everyone was ok, the inside guys were super brave and stayed with me at the front window the entire time!

I did manage to get a couple of pictures...
Me and Luc in the reflection...Matty and Nate (you can just see the orange of his coat) inside!
 and again!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A glimpse into 58 seconds of my life...

Here is a little video that gives you all a peek into what goes on in our house...
I am still trying to get their zombie dance on camera but this is a cute one too!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where's Nate?

This afternoon the boys and I were in the front room reading and all of a sudden Nathan was gone.  I peeked in his room, out in the living room, in the kitchen, and I did not see him anywhere.  Then I heard him giggling, he was in Bones's bed!

Tonight while I was getting the fellas ready for bed Nathan was gone guessed it...the dog bed!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

who bit who???

So like I have already said, the boys are doing great in their new beds...there is however a drawback.  When the boys wake up with a bite mark there is no way to know what happened!

Now I just need to mention that our boys are not "biters", they have on occasion bitten me and left a mark, but they have never bit each other.  This morning when I was getting the boys ready for swimming lessons I saw this on Nathan's back...

and if you look closely in about the same spot there is the EXACT same mark on Lucas...

There are a number of things that could have happened, but I narrowed it down to 2
1.  One of the fellas with a bite marks bit the other one with the bite mark, and then there was a retaliation bite.
2.  The one without any marks left his mark on the other two.

Since Matthew was the last one to fall asleep last night I am leaning towards option 2.  When I asked Matthew if he bit his brothers this is the face he made at me...

My vote is GUILTY!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Boys and their Books

The boys LOVE books!  They love to be read to, and they also love to read them to themselves!
This is what was going on in our house this morning...

Nathan decided to hide his book when I tried to take his picture

Matthew reading the ABC book

Luc must have had a funny one...

A little later Matthew and Lucas hoped up on the couch to read, I love this picture!

Nathan went to read in his bed!

Lucas and Scortch went to read in bed too!

Nathan James


Finally after reading/getting out every single book that was upstairs, Matthew moved on to music making!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dunkin Dudes

Today I made the boys some "dunkaroos"...animal crackers and icing...mmmm
The boys started off doing SO good.  They would dip their cracker in and then take a bite.
I went to grab the camera (about 2 steps away) and when I got back the had progressed into dipping their cracker and licking the icing off...



Lucas (doesn't he look like Matty here!!!)

The boys were hogging all the animal crackers so I dipped my finger into the icing {terrible I know!}.  As soon as they saw me do that they ditched their crackers and went straight to finger/fist dipping!

Nathan going in with the fist, and Lucas with the finger, Matthew waiting patiently for his turn...a rare occurrence!

Matthew using the open hand technique! hahaha

-the boys are still taking longer than usual to fall asleep at bedtime, but they are sleeping right through the night in their beds!  WHOO HOO!!!
-today the boys had their first totally successful nap in their beds, it only took them 20 minutes to fall asleep (this was typical for their cribs), and then they slept for about 2 hours!!!  Hopefully they can stick to this :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun with Nana!

Nana came over to visit us this afternoon...and she came with all kinds of treats!

The boys each got their very first Chocolate easter bunny...and he was in hockey equipment!!!

Nathan punched right through the plastic window and pulled his out!!!

So we all had a bite!  Matty had a little trouble getting a chunk off!

Lucas taking a bite

Nathan looking a little worried that everyone is biting his bunny!

Daddy taking an ear off

Mommy taking the other ear off

Nana getting her bite!

Nana also brought the boys a vacuum...they LOVED it!!!  She searched and searched for three but there was only one in the entire city...they did share pretty good though!

Nathan was first up

Then Matthew got his turn...he made sure to get into all the corners!

Lucas waited patiently and finally got his hands on it...he did not like the setting that his brothers were using so he had to switch it before he got started!

What a well trained little dude, sweeping right into the vacpan!

double trouble!

switching those darn settings again!

Matthew telling dad his plans...

to go in and clean his bed!  He disappeared down the hall and when I peeked in on him this is what he was doing!  He did his entire bed and then came back out!

Next was bath time, and at this point in the night Erin became our official photographer!
Matthew Owen

Nathan James

Lucas Christopher

Next was story time...
Mommy and Matty

Nate giving the book a BIG GIANT KISS!!!  I love that you can see his wide open mouth in the mirror of the book!

Then he took the book to read on his own.

A little Dizzy Dragon for Luc

Nana's turn to read DD 

Another Kiss for the book! hahaha

I also have a little update on the "sleep" situation...
-last night after a bit of laughing, and quite a bit of fussing, all 3 boys fell asleep in their own beds, and stayed there for almost all of the night.  Luc did sneak out once and when I got out of bed I spotted him running to the fridge to get himself a bottle hahaha, we are now going to try with their door closed!
-their nap today was crazy short, but it was a nap in their beds none the less!
-tonight they all fell asleep in their own beds, with a lot of laughing but no still did take quite awhile though.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big boy beds!

Today was a big day in our little house...we switched the fellas into big boy beds.  Now this was not something that we wanted to do, it was something that we had to do.  As I mentioned awhile back one of the boys jumped out of his crib...luckily he did not get hurt.  They could all get out if they wanted to so we decided that we needed to make the switch before one of the fellas got hurt.

We were planning on just moving the cribs into the garage incase the transition was a disaster but when we went to move the first crib out we found out that it wouldn't we ended up taking apart all three of the cribs.

Here are the fellas watching dad take apart Matty's crib.

loving their last moments in a crib!

One all three cribs were out the boys were a little bit upset (to be honest I was too...we may never have another crib in our house again!  Our little fellas are growing up so fast!)
Nathan laid down where his crib used to be and had a little moment...
 Luc looked around and had a little cry...

and Matthew did not like it...not one bit!

Before we moved the new beds in we washed the walls...

and vacuumed...

When the vacuum got put away they were even more upset than when the cribs went out!


Nate again...

Then we moved in the new beds and they all piled on!

Nathan testing out Matthew's bed

then he decided to go try out his own instead.

Matthew making the trip from his bed over to Luc's

but he quickly went back to his own!

Luc and Scortch testing out the new bed

Nate decided he liked his!

John and I were both a little nervous for turned out to be a disaster.  The boys thought that it was playtime!  We closed the door to their room and all they did was giggle...and they did bang the door a bit!  The first time it went quiet we peeked in and they were all sitting in a circle in the middle of their cute! After that the room did not go quiet again! We tried quite a few times to put them back into their beds but they were not interested at all!  At about 2:00 they figured out how to open the door and out they came!  At this point we gave up!  We decided to go and get some of our errands done and by the time we left our subdivision, all three of them were asleep!  We thought that we would come back home and move them into their beds and since they were so tired they would doze right off...not the case!  So back into the car we went!  

The weather warmed up and we had an awesome afternoon.  We did some errands, and a ton of playing outside.  The boys were not fussy AT ALL...we expected quite a night considering that they did not nap, but everything went smooth...then came bedtime.

We thought that we would try making them stay in their beds...they thought this was HILARIOUS!  Because there are three of them and only two of us we could not keep them all in, they seriously laughed non-stop for about half an hour of this "game".  They were not slowing down AT ALL so we decided we would just close the door and see what would happen.

After about 15 minutes it was quiet so we peeked in...there they were in their little circle again.  After another ten we peeked in again and Nathan was in his bed, the other two were standing at the door.  After another 10 or so we heard Nathan screaming so we peeked in...Luc was in his bed, Nate was in his bed, but Matthew was also in Nathan's bed trying to wrestle with him.  We rescued Nathan and closed the door again.  By 8:16 all had been quiet for about 5 or so minutes...I peeked in and this is what I saw...

I got Luc and Nate into their beds and it has been quiet since!

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