Friday, December 3, 2010

22 more sleeps until Christmas!

Today's advent activity was to put on our Christmas Pillowcases.  It is the first year the fellas have had Christmas pillowcases because it is the first Christmas that they have had pillows!

Here is Lucas taking the pillowcases to daddy.
 He even gave them to him without daddy having to chase him around for a little while first!
 He did however decide to keep his own :)
 Matthew with his special pillow, what a cutie!!!
 Nathan jumping for joy at the sight of his new pillowcase!
 Our family all snuggled up on the cuddlechair with our Christmas pillows!  Love this family shot, thanks Nana for being our photographer!
I couldn't post pictures of them all snuggled upin bed with their pillows because my mom, sister and I are off to Edmonton to meet up with some wonderful family friends and get some Christmas shopping done!!!  I am SO excited :)

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Ami said...

I so want to steal your Advent Activities! So fun! And such great ideas! Do you have a different activity for each day really?? And that IS a great family shot!

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