Monday, December 6, 2010

19 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our activity for today was to go and get a hot chocolate (this one as more for John and I than the boys!). 

Here are some pictures of the fellas with their hot chocolates (and by hot chocolates I mean empty cups!)
Matthew reading the info on the side of his cup.
 Nathan getting right to buisness!
 hmmmm...there is nothing in there!
 Lucas trying to drink it from the top side of the cup...maybe he was trying to get rid of hiccups or something.
 Loving his cup!
 I just had to post this one because it is so cute!
 Matthew with the lid off, chewing away on the edge of the cup
 The boys and their pup...and cups!
 Lucas saw Matthew take the lid off of his cup, so he figured he would try too!
 Monkey see, monkey do!
 Our little Lizard
 Nathan looking a little sad...
 Probably because his brother just stole his cup!
 Playing with the cups!
 All three fellas
 2 cups for Lucas
 I was looking around for Matthew's cup and couldn't see it anywhere...then I noticed that Lucas had 2 stacked!  What a trickster!
 Happy to have it back...still bothered by the fact that there was nothing in it!
 Nathan getting some snuggles from Daddy

15 minutes later and they were still playing with these cups!  We may have to ask for some empties more often :)


Gauntie Sue said...

Matthew chewing his cup. Next time you'll have to take them to Tims, and have them "Roll up the Rim"

Kelsey said...

Picture Frenzy! hahaha, perfect though, they are all SO adorable and SO hilarious! those kids kill me!

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