Sunday, December 5, 2010

20 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our christmas activity today was to go to the Eastview kids christmas party...Here are the pictures!

Aunty K and Nate Dogg

Daddy and Matty 

 Me and my sister with two of the fellas.

Daddy loving on his Matty...and Matty loving every minute of it! 

 Tired little Nate...most likely because we woke them up from their naps early so that they could go and see Santa!

Matthew trying to show his brother the cool fireman set that one of the other kids got from Santa. 

 John, Me, Aunty and the boys :)

Matthew and Santa 

 Santa reading Matty his book

Nathan and Santa, I love his expression in this picture! 

 I know this looks like the same picture...but look closely, Nathan has his gift opened now.  He pretty much looked at Santa like this the entire time he was on his lap!

Lucas's turn...he needed his Daddy to come with him. 

 Reading his book...and still a little bit suspicious about the guy in red!

All the kiddos with Santa...and some of the adults too! 

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Stace, looks like the party was a lot of fun. Zoolights looked like fun too. I'd say that wish tree works pretty well. GAK

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