Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sinclair Summer Sizzler

Today we had the first ever Sinclair Summer Sizzler! What a fun day, Here are some pictures.
Grammy and Matty amazed at a toilet toss shot!GG-ma Sinclair making sure Matty doesn't fall off of the chair (he climbed up all on his own!)
Lucas being a big boy! We forgot their special Oilers chairs so they sat on big ones!
Gramps feeding Nathan a bottle mid-match!
Lucas getting a quick top up!
Gramps and Nate playing
Daddy and Matty playing toilet toss...I think that this one went in :)
Robyn and Luc watching the game!
Me and my Matty Bear
Playing in the g-units wagon. They LOVED climbing in and out!!!

Matty balancing in the wagon! He had his arms out like he was surfing.
We took the boys in and gave them their first bath at Grammy and Grandpa's house...they LOVED it! We turned the jets on and it was like they thought that the tub was challenging them to a splash off...there was water flying everywhere, and I think the boys won!!! We did not get any pictures but if the camera had been anywhere in the bathroom it would have been soaked!
After we put the boys to bed we played a jeopardy game that we had made with Sinclair family trivia questions.

Here are some pictures from the game...
One of the teams, lots of them had names but I can't remember what they were (must have been the paralyzer right Auntie Georgia hahaha)
Bubble blowing competition
Cracker competition
Brainstorming (well at least two of them!)
Aunty Sue trying to get an answer out of Uncle Jim!
The team in the back corner (Cher was on this team can kind of see her hair peeking out from behind the chair!)
The Bisons!
He refused a pillow! hahaha
It was so wonderful that everyone was able to make it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Discovery Canyon

In Red Deer we have a wonderful little "waterfall" with a big "pool" at the bottom that kids can tube down or play in. Lots of people we know go all the time and love it. So when we were invited to go this morning I though why not give it try. I asked my mom to come with me because chasing after 3 babies with water around just does not seem safe. Turns out the water was not even an issue...but we could not keep the sand and rocks out of their mouths. We ended up staying for about 20 minutes...but I did get some cute pictures!

We will try again in 2011!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Westerner Days 2010

Today we took the boys to the fair...there was not a ton that was interesting to them until...we found the petting zoo! We took the boys out of their stroller and they absolutely LOVED the animals, they could not get enough!
Here is Uncle G and Luc in the petting zoo buildingDaddy showing Matty the GIANT horns on this guy!
Aunty K and Nate, you can just see the excitement on their faces!!!
Matty waving at the animals
Peeking in at the Alpaca...
There he is!
Luc did not want to leave the alpaca!
Mommy trying to keep Nathan out of the pen, it was a lot harder than you might think!
Nathan telling mommy about the kitties
and onto the cow, MOO
They did go into the part where the animals are not caged in but we were too busy to take any pictures in there!

and by the way the boys are FINALLY holding their own bottles (cue hallelujah music here)!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matty's first steps...

Today Matthew took 2 steps without holding onto anything! It totally came out of nowhere, he was holding onto one of the highchairs, looked over to another one and let go, took a step with his right foot, then his left foot, and then grabbed onto the other chair! SO EXCITING!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Westerner Days Parade

Today we took the boys to their first ever parade. I was a little bit nervous because I have heard about babies HATING the parade and crying the ENTIRE time...luckily we had three fellas that liked the parade! They waved, clapped and watched most of the parade...well at least Matty did, the other two liked it but also got fairly squirmy by the end! Here are the pictures :)

I did not want to put their shoes on until we got there because they have been known to pull them off during the car ride, so I just had them sitting in the front, I LOVE that I have these three WONDERFUL boys and all 6 of thier shoes hahaha!The gang lined up ready for the parade to start.

GG-ma and Matthew

Let the squirmming begin!

Grammy taking Nate for a little pre-parade explore.

Matty saving my spot for me, what a sweetie :)

Me and my little parade lover!

Grammy and another parade lover (Luc)

There was a group of people dressed in green in the parade and all of a sudden GAK appeared...she ran through the parade to meet up with us! Here she is with Nate the Great!

Matty showing me something in the parade.
The boys all fell asleep on the drive home...Luc with Scortchy's tail in his mouth...we rarely see him asleep without this tail in his mouth these days!!

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