Monday, March 29, 2010


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three Little Swimmers

So I was a little bit nervous about taking the boys swimming for the first time...but today we took them and it went better than I could have ever imagined!
Here are the troops getting the boys readyAll the swimmers ready to head in!

testing out the water
Aunty K and Luc playing in the fountain
Aunty K and Nate hanging out in the kiddie pool
Grammy helping Matty practice his floating
Mommy and Matty checking out the fountain
Luc and GG-ma playing in the pool
My three fellas loving their first swim
When Lucas was held on his tummy he would kick his legs and swing his arms. He LOVED it!
All three fellas playing in the fountain! It was pretty funny because they kept trying to grab the water.

Enjoying the hot tub before going home...the boys were go go go in the kiddie pool and then when we got into the hot tub they were so still, SO relaxing!
The after shot!

The boys did NOT have a great nap this afternoon, then went swimming, and skipped their 4:00 catnap so we were sure they would go to bed easy tonight. After jumping and supper I took them for a quick walk and this was what happened...

Since they were SO tired and SO asleep I thought to myself how perfect this was going to be...take them out, feed them and then put them in bed...
This was what was going on in our house an hour later...apparently they thought that their 20 minute nap was enough to get them through for a little longer!
Luckily they eventually (like an hour past normal bedtime) all ended up asleep in bed, and I am not too far behind!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Passport Photos

So I have been trying to get the fellas their passport pictures for quite some time now {well actually only a week but it feels like forever}. We started off by going to AMA last week...I packed the boys into the car, drove to AMA, got out of the car and into the stroller, got inside only to find out that their camera was not working, but the suggested I try walmart. It was kind of chilly and windy out so I made sure that the boys were all covered up and we walked over to walmart...they were short staffed so they could not do it...they suggested I try London once again I make sure the boys are totally covered and we walk over to London Drugs...they do not take childrens passport photos...grrr. So needless to say I gave up for that day and decided to try again another day. We ended up booking an appointment to have them done at Highview Photo...they were AMAZING!!! It was a challenge to get a picture of the boys NOT smiling...what a dumb rule! And luckily they do not have any full teeth yet because then they would have had to have their mouths closed too...who comes up with these rules??

Anyways here are our final pictures!

So notice I said it was a good thing that they did not have any full teeth yet...they are all starting to get one though. Lucas was the first {good job to those of you who guessed it would be him}, and Matthew and Nathan were less than a day behind! I did my best to get a picture of their mouths but it turned out to be even harder than getting one of them not smiling...this is what I did get...

Nathan's {he was not cooperating much but I did not want him to feel left out so this is the best one I got...and yes I know that you can not see his "tooth"...I just think it is cute}
Me and my Matty

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Earplugs - $3.99
Gascard - $10
Road Maps - free gotta love AMA!
Passports - $66 ($22 x 3)
Tickets to the Mariners vs Yankees game - $250
John's face when he put together all the clues to figure out his first fathers day present - PRICELESS{I know that it is early but if you know me then you know how bad I am about keeping surprises he had to book the time off of work!}

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My 4 boys and I had a fun filled Sunday all started of with a little trip to home depot! It totally reminded me of in Old School when Will Ferrell is talking about his trip to Bed bath and beyond...I don't know how much time we have...hahaha.
Here are the fellas helping Dad pick out some new tools!Just being adorable

Crusing the isles
Luc had to borrow Dad's hat when we got out into the parking lot since the sun was so bright!
We were heading over to Grammy and Grandpa's house for supper tonight and since it was a blistering 9 degrees outside we decided to walk over. Grandpa, Aunty K and Fella joined us as well!
Aunty K and Fella! Fella is lucky she is so cute because she is not quite a pro on the leash yet, although by the end she was walking like a rock star!
Matthew also borrowed one of his Dad's hats today...they seem to block a tad more sun than their own hats!
Aunty K feeding Nate when we got to Grammy and Grandpa's
Matthew patiently waiting his turn
Daddy and two of the guys!
Grandpa made spagetti (pizgetti) and meat sauce for the he is testing it out!
Matthew's first bite, he was not too sure at first...
Nathan trying it out...
Lucas being goofy!
Nate and Luc were not huge fans of the new food but Matty LOVED it! He ate a ton of it and then was happy as a clam for the rest of the night, he seriously just sat there smiling until he went to bed...spagetti seems to have a similar effect on his Daddy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nathan's Noise

So this all started with Grandpa patting his hand over Nate's mouth while he was "talking"...then he figured out how to do it on his own using the toy...he now does this ALL THE TIME!

Way too cute!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day!!!

So I thought I would use the excuse of St.Patrick's day to try and get some cute pictures of the boys...some successfull shots...some not so successful!
All three fellas with their sparkly green on so that they do not get pinched...personally I do not think plain green is good should have to be sparkly!Luc with his pot of gold...he was quite interested in it!
But mostly interested in dumping it all out!
Matthew LOVING his pot of gold...I don't think that he could have a bigger smile if he tried!
Nathan with his gold...I had to set the pot back up 4 times to get a picture of him with it before he dumped you can tell I just barely got this one!
and dumped!
My three little loves
Here are a few of the is getting more and more challenging to get a picture of the three of them...especially without Bones in it trying to lick them!

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