Monday, January 31, 2011

Lucas and his triplets!

Lucas loves Scortch SO much that we decided to buy two for Nate and one for Matty...they were not interested, but Luc sure was!  He ALWAYS has one, OFTEN has two and SOMETIMES has all three!  So freaking cute!

Here he is this morning with all three of his babies...why didn't I ever think of carrying one in my mouth! hahaha

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jet-tub at the G-units!

Tonight we packed up the fellas and went over to the G-units for Sunday supper!
Here are the boys being super cute in their winter dress coats!

Matthew Owen
 Lucas Christopher
 Nathan James
 After some playing and supper the boys hopped into the jet-tub for their bath...they LOVE the jet-tub!!!

3 fellas in the tub!

 splish splash!
 A super excited Nate Dogg
 they LOVE when the water is running.
 All just hanging out doing their own thing!
 Matthew doing some thinking.

Nate hanging out in the bubbles!
 So. Much. Fun!


I love this little guy!

 and this one!

and this one!

Another cute one of Matty Bear
 Nate D-O-double G

Lukey Cat, I think this one is so funny!

Nate and Luc got out and Matty had the entire tub to himself.  This was him at first...not quite sure.  It was not long though before he was diving back and pictures of that though because there was water flying EVERYWHERE!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

For supper...

Last night for supper we had pizza...they boys quite enjoyed peeking in at it cooking...
 I love this one!
 Nathan trying to squeeze his way into the viewing area.
 He made it in and thought he would give the oven a kiss!
 After we ate our pepperoni pizza I looked over and saw the dino eating a leaf of lettuce...if I remember right the long necks are vegetarians, the boys know this already without even watching the land before time!! hahaha 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

another day at the rink!

My four boys and I had a busy, perfect Sunday today...and I did not have my camera with me ALL DAY!!!  I kind of felt lost! hahaha.  When we were at the rink I ended up having to get my phone out to take some pictures. Here is my fav!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ODR with the fellas!

Today we took the boys to the ODR (outdoor rink).  I was a little nervous, I thought that strapping on the blades and putting the boys on the ice could end in tears...and it did...but only when we made them go home.  They LOVED it!  Once again I had a TON of pictures...I cut it down some, but then decided to take Ami's advice and just post them all!  So here they are...

Me and Matty....I made John take a picture with me in it to prove that I was there!
 Daddy and Matty out on the ice
 I heart this picture!

Grandpa, Luc and Nate watching daddy and Matty

G-pa and Nate testing out the new blades

Luc and Dad...look at him go!

Skating babies everywhere!

Look no hands!
 Our little #89!

Daddy LOVING being out on the ice with his boys!

Nate also loving it!

Matty after a spill

Up and ready to get back at it

Checking out his new skates

The only picture that I got of the three boys together!

bending down to play with some snow!

How cute are these helmets!

Lukey Cat...he spent a little more time being held than the other two...I would NEVER had guessed him to be a bit nervous...he climbs and jumps on and off of EVERYTHING in our house...but it took him a little longer to get used to his skates!

more playing in the snow

Curious little fella!


Matthew venturing out on his own

One stride at a time!

Luc getting a little help from G-pa 

Nate heading in the other direction!

Matthew laughing at Dad going fast!


The fellas and G-pa

Daddy and Luc

Matty and G-pa

A little bit of snow on his bum

 another one of Daddy and Luc

I totally love this picture...not too impressed that he fell

but he popped

right back


A little break for two of my guys!

Nate and his shadow

Matty bear

Like I said, love these helmets!

I also love their rosy little cheeks!

On the go again!

 Lucas out on his own

Still a little unsure about the ice

Starting to warm up to it

Okay now he loves it!!! 


Matthew waiting for dad


By the end the boys were all over the ice

even Luc!

John was beyond proud of the boys today.  Everytime they fell they would just pop right back up on their own.  They loved being out there today.  I am sure that in the coming years we will spend A LOT of time on the ODR!

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