Thursday, December 9, 2010

16 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our activity for today was to do some Christmas baking...needless to say the fellas were not in on this one!  It is a struggle to even open the oven when they are awake, so this was an after bedtime activity, with pictures that would probably only be interesting to me!

Today the boys were funny, no they were hilarious.  It honestly felt like they were doing things to try and make me!

Right before bed they got into full on wrestling mode, so funny! Here are their "christmas" wrestling pictures!

The boys had so much fun wrestling (well most of the time) that I am sure it is going to become a more regular occurrence.  And I am not sure if you noticed but Matthew is ALWAYS the one on top...and he is also ALWAYS the one starting it...everytime Lucas or Nathan sat down, Matthew would sit on top of them, or push them over and lay on them.  Man do I love these boys!

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