Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 more sleeps until Christmas!

Today's activity was to go over to Grammy and Grandpas for supper and to help decorate.  When we got there Matthew was the first one in and look what was waiting for him...he LOVED this car and spent most of his time in it!!!
 and then they found some cleaning tools...we all know where this is going!
 We let them play with the mop, swiffer and broom for a little while but when they started fighting over who got which one we took them away...
and they were NOT happy about it! (but don't worry they did get over it hahaha) 
After supper we started decorating...first step is to get the lights up on the tree.  Aunty is always in charge of this job and this year she had 3 little helpers...
 who knew it could take so much longer with all that help!
 Nathan loving the lights!
 After the lights were up the boys took a break to play in the car.  Great Grandma was giving rides!!!
 Lukey Cat!
 They are getting so big that it is quite a squish to fit two in there...
 Lucas helping out with the tinsel!
 Matthew STILL in the car!
 We ended our night with some GLEE dancing!
 Lucas loved it!
 Nathan decided to join in...Matthew was still in the car!
 Thinking about getting out...
 Look how much fun it is to dance!
 Matthew finally decided to get out of the car and do some dancing!

Here they are busting a move in front of the Christmas Tree!!! Love these boys!!!

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Twin Engines said...

Maybe your boys share better than mine, but just one car is a BIG problem! I love to see your Christmas activities!

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