Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This morning when we woke up we packed the fellas up and went over to Grammy and Grandpas...and guess who was there...SANTA!!!

Santa coming out to say hi to the fellas!

The boys collecting their gifts from the man in red! 

Santa and Lucas...Lucas must have said something surprising! 

Matty and Santa having a special moment!

Matthew on Santa's lap 

Nathan and Santa

Lucas and Santa

After the boys had their special time with Santa, everyone wanted in on the action!
Santa and Cale

Santa and GAK 

Santa and Mick 
(Uncle Dave's great friend from England) 

Santa with the Great G-units! 

Santa and Uncle Dave

Santa, Grammy and Luc 

We had a very BUSY christmas morning...lots of people, presents and crazy yummy food!  We were all absolutely spoiled!  The boys were pretty funny this morning, entertaining us with kissing their newly unwrapped presents, delivering presents, and almost delivering presents!  But unfortunately I did not get anymore pictures taken until after naptime today.

We looked around for a sled that the three boys and the pup could fit in and there was not one to be Grandpa made one for us!  We call it the hillbilly triplet sled...and the boys LOVED it!  It is combo of a giant tupperware, some wood, string, hardware, and an old pair of x-country skis, GENIUS!!!

Here is Daddy pulling the boys and their pup

Lucas being serious!  A rare occurrence. 

Bones snuggled right in with Nathan

Just another angle! 

Nathan was Bones' seatbelt, he held onto her pretty tight for most of the walk!

Lucas finally sitting! 

The boys in the back

Daddy pulling his boys...and a better look at the sled itself! 

John started running and the boys loved it!  Their hair was flying in the breeze!

When we got back to the house the boys were not ready to go inside yet so we did some shovelling! 

 Matthew pushing his shovel around! 
 You want me to do what?


Men at work! 

Time for a break :)

Lucas figured out how to throw snow from his shovel onto his head...

soooo cold! 

Back to work!

Lucas decided to take his shovel back into the garage...

and trade it for one of Daddy's hockey sticks! 

Nate playing in the snow

So Matty tried too! 

We went over to GAK & GUD's for a yummy Christmas dinner...but again we were too busy to take pictures...this seems to be happening more and more!  Although it was busy we had a great time, and the boys loved running around kissing all the snowmen!  Tomorrow we are off to Nana and Grandpas for another day of fun!


Ami said...

Stacey, that sled makes me want to live in the snow!! What an awesome job he did on that!! The boys are so adorable! They are cuter in every picture I see! Happy Holidays to you all!

Ali said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome family Christmas! Love the sled! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Christie said...

OMG HAHAH Genius is right! The sled is hilarious! I love it! And the pics of shoveling are too cute too (such a great activity to tire them out...Lex loves it too..she never wants to come back inside) Looks like you had such a great christmas...only more fabulous ones to come! Those boys are so damn lucky its crazy!

Twin Engines said...

I can relate to not being able to take pics. But we got a new camera for Christmas, so maybe...

MANDI said...

Loved seeing how Christmas works with all the excitement of 3 little boys!!! Some great shots with Santa. The hillbilly sled is too much!! So hilarious. I love it.

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