Thursday, December 2, 2010

24 more sleeps until Christmas!

The Christmas countdown has begun...I know it is a day late (I am backdating this to December 1st though because that was when it was supposed to happen!!!), but yesterday we had a house FULL of and my three fellas were all a actually A LOT under the weather.  The good news is we have all recovered, daddy is home and we are ready to make-up for lost time!

Here is our advent calendar, it is new this year and I LOVE IT!!! 
 The fellas waiting for Dad to come up with the tree
 Once the tree was safely placed in the baby free zone, we plugged in the lights and the boys were mesmorized...for like 5 whole seconds!!!  Here is Matthew in a trance!
 Then it was time for the boys to put up their special 2010 ornaments that they got from Aunty K.  First up was Nate!
 He needed a little help from daddy!
 Matthew getting his...
 and hanging his!
 Last but not least our little lizard gets his ornament
 and he did not really want it on the tree so daddy ad to do it!
 Three little monkeys!
 Our finshed 2010 tree!  Man do I ever love Christmas, if it were socially acceptable I would have the tree up all the time!

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