Monday, July 12, 2010

Take me out to the ball game...

Saturday was a fun filled day for the fab four and five alive! We started off our day with a tour of Seattle on one of the "Ducks". The tour was a ton of fun, music pumping, people dancing, and a very fun transition from land to water...that's right it drove right into the water and became a boat!
Here are all 9 of us packed into two seats!One of the cool things that we saw on the water part of the tour was the house that they used for Sleepless in Seattle!
The boat used for Pirates of the Caribbean!
Another neat thing that we saw was the buliding that they used for the outside shots of Grey's Anatomy. You have all heard of McDreamy and McSteamy...but have you heard of McScreamy??? Because we had three of them at one point of the trip!!!
Out on the Water
Captain Matthew
Captain Nathan
Captain Lucas (trying to read the manual so he can figure out how to drive the duck himself! hahaha)
After our duck ride was over we grabbed some lunch and had a picnic at the bottom of the space needle.
Here is Daddy and Matty
Daddy and Lucas
Daddy and Nathan (this is a great optical illusion because he was not actually 1/4 of the way up the space needle)
In Seattle 1% of bulding costs has to be spent on public art, such a fun idea because it is really fun to see all of the sculptures around the city. Here we are posed in one that is at the bottom of the space needleƩ
After Lunch at the space needle we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Mariners game. Here are the two proud papas pushing the strollers to the game.
Mel, Adam and Johnny enjoying a ball park hotdog!
Me and my boys at the game
The Roths
Daddy holding two of his boys (and if you look close you can see the third in the front seat of the stroller behind the gate)
Here we all are at the game! We were one seat short of filling up our entire row!
Safeco field had an AWESOME play park for the kids. John and I found a spot in the back where we could feed the fellas!
One lap around safeco and Nathan was asleep, he slept in the stroller through all the cheers and boos!
Lucas and Matthew took 2 laps to fall asleep but then were out like rocks!

Bottom of the seventh and it is the first pitch that we actually get to watch!!! hahaha
The boys were awesome at the game. We ended up leaving during the bottom of the eighth...Mariners were down one nothing. As we were making our way out of the stadium we heard a GIGANTIC cheer and when we looked to see what happened they had just hit a GRAND SLAM!!!
Since it was our lsat night in the hotel I thought that I should take a picture of the boys in their pea pods. So here they are, the blanket was just over top to keep all the light off until we were ready to go to bed. (and John sleeps in a bed, he was just kissing Nathan goodnight)

We left Seattle Sunday morning and made it home by 10:30! We had an AWESOME time on the holiday but we are all happy to be home!


Anonymous said...

McScreamy...hahahaha that made me laugh! Looks like it was such an awesome trip - I know it wasn't easy so congrats to the Fab Four and Five Alive!


Anonymous said...

Love the boys being tossed to the top of the space needle. I am also glad that everyone is home safe. Love ya all,

Amy and Andrew said...

I screamed out loud when I saw the pictures of Johnny throwing the boys at the space needle! Those pictures were terrifying. Glad everyone made it home safe and sound.

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