Sunday, January 31, 2010

When you wake up in the morning...

and it's quarter to feel like doing something brush your teeth ch ch ch ch ch ch ch you brush your teeth ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch (if this seems kinf of random try to think back to that song from when you were a kid!). It was actually more like 11:30 but it sure was fun! We got out the boys' baby toothbrushes and brushed "their teeth" (no they do not have any teeth yet but it sounds better than saying we brushed their gums!). We started by holding it for them but they ended up doing it themselves.

Lucas brushing his "teeth"Dad teaching Matthew how to brush his "teeth"
Nathan brushing like a pro!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Annual PJ Party!

So today some friends of mine and their kids came over for a potluck PJ breakfast, it was a little chaotic at time (seem like everything I am posting lately involves some sort of chaos...I guess this is just my life now!) but it was a ton of fun (also involved in every post so I guess this also is my life...actually chaotic and a ton of fun sounds exactly right). The food was wonderful and the company even better. Here are a few pictures from the morning.

Bennett teaching Venice a few tricks on being a big brother/sister.
All the was way too funny trying to get this picture. Lucas was actually almost asleep in his bed and I went and woke him up (a terrible thing to do I know but I did not want him looking back wondering why he was not in the picture hahaha), Matthew and Nathan were overdue for a nap, so they were in great moods as you can imagine. 4 kids on the chair needed to be propped but there were only 3 big kids that were willing to get on the chair (Lexie did not want to play the picture game!) and Hayden so close to the edge that Chelle had to stay right close to make sure that she did not fall off..add in Venice on top of Luc and Bennett under Gavin and that about sums it up!
Lexie found a beautiful pair of boots at the front door...but they look a little more like chaps on her!
Venice was testing out the camera...after I went through her 73 pictures this one was my favorite!
And just a few pictures from naked time tonight...I LOVE THESE BOYS!!!
Matty Bear
Our Little Lizard
Nate the Great

Monday, January 25, 2010

Playdate and Chiro

So today the boys and I had our first official "playdate" over at the Roth's. Marni, Mel and I were outnumbered 3:7, which are pretty rough odds when majority of the little guys can't feed themselves...and are hungry! We had a ton of fun but as you can imagine there was not a whole lot of spare time to take pictures, but I did get one good one which sums it up pretty good. I did not even get a chance to finish my tea...I actually cannot remember if I started it!

Here is the almost everyone, Gavin was asleep since he kept his mom up all night!Today was a totally chaotic day for us. I am not quite sure what went wrong but all three boys wanted to eat, sleep, jump, lay at different time...which makes life kinda difficult! Tomorrow we are going to start trying a more structured schedule...hopefully is will reduce the chaos. Anyway here are some pictures from bumbo time today.
Lucas with his hand in his has become a challenge to get a picture of him without his hand in his mouth lately! I can't believe how blonde he looks here.
Matthew trying to escape his bumbo...I think Matty's days in the bumbo are numbered!
Nathan just hanging out eating the giraffe!
We had an appointment at the chiropractor today to get the boys checked out. Here they are sitting very patiently in the waiting room while I filled out the forms. I know it might sound weird but I love filling out forms...and I actually love filling out one for each of them!
Dad met us at the chiropractor, Matty was happy to see him!
2 of my guys!
Here they are again...the other two were asleep and we were just waiting so I kept taking pictures and got quite a few that I loved so I had to post them all!
Matty getting checked out!
Now it's Nathan's turn.
and last but not least our little lizard.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1 mom + 3 hungry boys = ...

So we got through a couple of weeks where the boys did not all need to eat at the same time while it was just me here with them but I knew it was bound to was that day!
I know that "they" say not to prop bottles but "they" have obviouslly never had three babies screaming to eat at the same time!
Here is how we did it! (Matthew obviouslly thought it was pretty funny)
Nate feeding himself like a champ!
Luc hiding among the blankets eating his lunch!
Matthew...not quite as good with a propped bottle as the others...hence the formula on his face!
Look mom no hands!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A few more firsts...

So today we had a few more "firsts" in our house!
I LOVE FIRSTS...and lucky for us we get each one three times!
Nathan has been SOOOO close to rolling from his back to his tummy for the last little while and tonight was finally the night, unfortunately John and I both missed it. The boys were all on the mat doing naked time and Matthew started fussing so I had gone to warm his bottle and John was putting Matty's PJs on. I looked down at Nate and Luc and Nathan was on the hardwood on his tummy, and he did it all by himself
Not to be outdone Matty decided he better have a first too! The lighting is not great but the sound sure is! I can't get enough of these laughs!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vancouver 2010...well Red Deer 2010

So today was the day that the olympic torch was passing through Red Deer so we packed up the boys, put them in their team Canada jerseys and away we went. The Westerner grounds were packed and it was an AWESOME event! Here are some pictures...
Dad and the boys on the you can see from the crowds behind him there was a great turnout!Grandpa in his volunteer hat saying hi to Matty
All 5 of us!
All 7 of us!
Me and Mel with our little guys (Gavin stayed at home with his g-ma) in front of the ice sculpture.
Me and my Mr.Nate
Luc was awake for the first little while when we got there (it was so loud I don't think anyone could have fallen asleep), but slept through the entire passing of the torch...all 2 minutes of it!
Here it comes...
There it goes!
Our goal was to get the boys' picture taken with a torch. We heard that there were a number of places to go and get your picture taken but unfortunately we could not find any of them. We had given up and were walking back to the vehicle when we ran into one of the torch carriers and he was nice enough to stop and get his picture taken with us! (he is also the one carrying the torch in the pictures that we have)
This was a plate on one of the olympic entourage vehicles...thought it was kind of fitting for our little guys!
Since Grandpa came to help us hold boys while the torch was passing he lost his friend and ended up coming home with John squished in the back with the 2 strollers and all of the other stuff that you need to take 3-41/2 months outside!
After we headed to Uncle G's and Aunty K's to watch the fireworks from her deck...Lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First Laugh!

The boys have been so close to laughing for so long....and today Lucas started laughing, I am sure that the other two are close is a quick clip!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Family 2010!

Last January John and I made ourselves a little snow family in our front yard...there was John, me and Bones (she is kind of hard to see but down on the right)This year the boys watched (actually they slept the entire time) while we made our 2010 snow family!
Just a tad bigger this year! I LOVE IT!

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