Friday, August 2, 2013

Kid Free VACAY!!!

This past weekend we travelled down to Goodyear AZ with some of our most favorite friends for a little kid free vacation!  We had an absolute BLAST!!!

Here we are just leaving Red exciting :)

We spent the night in Calgary because we were leaving bright at early...I think the range of sleep was between 2-4 hours each! hahaha  The early flight did get us down there nice and early...the boys hopped on the golf cart and headed out for a round...Mel and I went and got groceries, a couple other things, came back and they were still nowhere to be found.  We thought that maybe the golf cart had we went looking for them.  We drove around for almost an hour...couldn't find them ANYWHERE, even thought the guy at the golf course said we had just missed them...kept driving...kept looking.  Not only did the golf cart die...but they were LOST!!!  After pushing the cart for a bit (in 40 degree heat), they found a friend who towed them around until they found their way home!!!

We went to the D-Backs vs Cubs game that night.  Stopped at Alice Cooperstown first...John wanted to introduce Adam to the big unit! hahaha

Then onto the game...go Cubs go!!!

Start of the game...

End of the game...
 Friday the guys went golfing and Mel and I went shopping...the shopping was a little TOO GOOD, which resulted in mall sprints, roaming charges, cab rides and late lunch dates! hahaha  We lunched at margaritaville...DELISH!!!

We then went to a cardinals practice...John LOVED it!!! After football we went to another mall...and did MORE was AWESOME, although the bank accounts probably wouldn't agree! hahaha

Saturday AM we got up and went for pedicures

Saturday afternoon we went out to Lake Pleasant and went was AWESOME!!!  Some spent more in the water than others!

We had to take a golf cart down to the lake and back up after...they fill the lake and the farmers use it for is CRAZY how much the level of the lake changes throughout the year!
A little saturday night patio dance party!  You all know how I feel about a dance party! hahaha

Sunday AM we woke up bummed around and then headed out to do the salt river float...didn't make it in we got some klondike bars...and went shopping again! hahaha
 when we got home we went and played a little pickleball...SO MUCH FUN!!!  I don't know why we don't have these courts at home!!!


 Ready to fly home...awesome trip, sad to say goodbye to the sun (it was 11 degrees when we landed in calgary), but we were all super excited to get home and see our little dudes!!!  HUGE thanks to the ROTHS for a weekend full of fun and awesome memories!!!

and one morning...can't remember which one we went out on the bicycle built for two...harder than one would think! hahaha  taking a picture and keeping the tall guys head in...also a challenge apparently! HAHAHA

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