Thursday, December 2, 2010

23 more sleeps until Christmas!

Today's advent activity was to hang our stockings...I LOVE hanging the stockings.  Stockings are a huge tradition in our family, everyone has one that has been made by my Grandma Sinclair.  First thing Christmas morning we do stockings with our moosemilk...just hanging the stockings makes me think of the moosemilk which makes me drool!  Like the title says...23 more sleeps!  Okay back on topic...hanging of the stockings!

Here are the boys from the other side of the gate watching me bring everything up!
 Nate Dogg checking out his stocking
 Lucas the lizard ready to hang his
 Matty Bear playing with his! (and yes he only has one sock is harder and harder every single day to keep their feet covered!)



Ami said...

Gramma Sinclair makes such adorable stockings!! I totally agree! I love the whole stocking tradition! It's one of my favorite parts! Woo hooo for 23 more sleeps!

Kelsey said...

they are BEAUTIFUL! SO freaking excititng!!!

The Schulha's said...

How exciting, Christmas will be so fun for you guys this year!

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