Saturday, December 4, 2010

21 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our advent activity today was to drive down to Calgary and do Zoolights with the Roths.

Here are 2 of our little loves on the ride down.
 Our other little love!
 John and I (and everyone else in our families) are HUGE Harvey's fans...I mean huge.  When I was going to school in Edmonton I would always stop on my way home to bring John home a burger.  Even just this last week my dad brought one back from Edmonton for me...thanks dad :)

Because of our love for the burger a couple of years ago the Roths agreed to make part of our tradition dinner at Harveys before zoolights.  Here is John feeding the fellas their very first Harveys burger...needless to say they LOVED it!!!
 After our yummy supper we made a quick pitstop at Starbucks and headed on over to the zoo.

The boys were not huge fans of being "packed" into their snowsuits...but man were they ever cute!  They were so puffy they barely fit into the strollers!!
Matty and Nate
 Luc...and Scortch!

At Zoolights they have a wish tree where everyone writes out their wish on a ribbon and ties it to a Christmas tree.  Because of the arctic cold weather last year we were unable to make our zoolights trip, but the year before that John and I both wished for a happy, healthy baby (I was not pregnant at the time) if you have a chance to make a wish on the wish tree, make sure that you pick something as good as we did!!!

Here is John writing out his 2010 wish. 

and tying it on the tree!

Lucas Christopher and his baby!
 Nathan James
 Matthew Owen

 With their toques on and their hoods up the boys sure looked A LOT like each other!

 Our 2010 Zoolights group shot!

 The proud papas!

Me with the 4 loves of my life!

The fab four!


Christie said...

Adorable pics Stace! Looks like a good time. Are the lights awesome and worth the trip?

Amy and Andrew said...

They look so cute in their outfits!

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