Monday, December 13, 2010

12 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our activity for today was to take some "winter" pictures of the fellas!

I got some pictures that I thought were WONDERFUL, and some that I thought were HILARIOUS!  Here they are...

One of my Favorite of Matthew Owen Alexander
One of my Favorite of Nathan James Alexander
One of my Favorite of Lucas Christopher Alexander

Another Matty Bear Favorite!

Another Nate Dogg Favorite!

Another Lukey Cat Favorite!

He was clearly not having as much fun as I was! hahaha

Get that thing off of me!

Yes that is my hand holding the hat on...these pics are all close-ups because I had to hold the hat on, and then reach back as far as I could to take the picture...and try to make sure my hand was not in it...quite a challenge!

Nathan all giggles in the hat
 Lucas trying to pull it trying to keep it on!

Matty Bear trying to get the hat off!

Another one of my favs...not sure how it ended up down here!

Ok another cute one...I will try to sort them better tomorrow :)

Cranky pants in a touque!  SO CUTE!

I have labeled this folder in my pictures as "winter pictures - take one"...which means that there may or may not be another attempt at getting some touque time I will make sure that I have an assistant! hahaha


Tim and Darcy said...

Haha! So cute...and funny! The things we do to our kids for pictures!!! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures. I so look forward to your posts - love you guys!GAK

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