Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sneak Peek!

We had a family photo shoot tonight with an AMAZING photographer...this was our sneak peak, and I  LOVE it!!!  I can't wait to see the rest :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my last 2 days...agh!!!

It has been awhile so I will start with a little update about what is going on in our lives these days!  I am back at work...full time, teaching grade 8 science, rec ed, and PE...if I could have handpicked a job this may have been it so it is an exciting year.  John is working away again, it is hard on all 5 of us but we are trucking along.  We have a new nanny for the boys this year, they love her, and John and I love her, so it makes being back at work full time just a little easier!

So anyways here are two instagram pics that sum up the last two days...

1.  The boys had their birthday party on Monday, when we go home they fell fast asleep, but that's not what this is a picture of.  At 1:00am they got up and wanted to play with their new toys...they continued to want to play with their new toys until 5:30AM!!!  John had to leave to go back to work at 3:00am...and we were finishing up a season of breaking bad so we did not go to bed until 12:30am...brutal combo!!!  And keep in mind this is the night before the first day of school with students!  This picture was at 6:30pm...I was asleep in the bed too but got up to take the pics...SO TIRED!!!

Anyways I got back up, cleaned up a little and put in a load of laundry, had a friend over for  visit and then went to bed!  I woke up to a knocking at my front door at 6:00am...the boys also woke up to this knocking.  I was FREAKED out to say the least!  We have a full panel of patterend glass so I was able to see someone standing there knocking, I could tell it was a man but had NO IDEA who it was.  I thought if I didn't answer they would go away...WRONG!  They kept knocking, and don't forget John left the day before.  I snuck to the front room window to peek out and see if there was a car I recognized but nope, all I could see was my smashed in window...F&$#!!!!!  

After what felt like 10minutes of knocking I opened the door (in my jammies), with the lock still on the top, and it was my neighbor from across the street and he had found my purse (no wallet) in his backyard!  So began the hassle that is a broken window and stolen wallet...called and cancelled all my cards, and started cleaning up glass.  There was glass EVERYWHERE!!!  All over the lawn, driveway, front seat, drivers seat, cup holders, center console, seriously EVERYWHERE!!!  Anyways my mom popped over and I got some of it cleaned up, and then when I got to work I got the shop vac out (ours is lent out) and cleaned it up, and then a friend helped me tape it up...and it poured ALL DAY so thank goodness we did a good job on the cover up!  Some other neighbors found my wallet, and all of the contents of my wallet except for some american money I took out to give John for his upcoming trip own to Phoenix.  The window is getting fixed tomorrow and then this will all be a distant memory! I am hoping for a SUPER BORING night tonight!!!

And if you are on instagram leave a comment with your username so I can follow you :) I am borderline obsessed with it right now!

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