Saturday, December 11, 2010

14 more sleeps until Christmas!

Today my mom, sister and I took the boys over to the Collicutt Center to build a "bear".  The Collicutt Center was hosting this build a bear event to raise money for Red Deer's Ronald McDonald House.

We got there, and picked out our "bears".  We picked a snowman, a roudolph and a Chrismoose.

Here is Lucas working on his.

 Nathan giving his a kiss
 Me trying to convince Nathan that it would be more fun to put stuffing into his new baby, than to pull out the stereo plug in that was behind us...I did not have much luck!
 Lucas decided that he would let Aunty stuff his, because he would rather sit on the table.
 Nathan on the run!
 He finally stood still for 42 seconds while the little sound box played a song!  Just long enough for me to finish stuffing his roudolph!
 HAHAHA! and yes he did have a little black eye in the picture...he just woke up with it a few days he has two due to a little tub incident tonight...stay tuned for a picture tomorrow!
 Chrismoose giving Matty a Kiss...doesn't he look thrilled!
 Finally back in the car!
Lukey Cat
 Nate Dogg
 Matty Bear
 Here are our finished products!  Chrismoose is wearing boxers because as he was being stuffed mom found a hole in an unmentionable spot and decided she would rather buy him underwear, than stuff another one! hahaha...maybe the boys will be more interested next year (seems to be a theme!)

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