Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Airdrie Pizza Party!

John, the boys and I have been trying to get to Airdrie to visit the Connolleys for the past month.  Everytime we make plans something (almost always the weather) gets in our way.  We decided that today was the day, nice out or not....and turned out not!  Even with the cold weather we had an awesome play/pizza party!

Here is a picture of the four little fellas!

 And here are the mommas and the little boys...John and Shaun were in fact present for this paydate...Shaun was just stuck behind the camera and John was getting all our stuff ready for the drive home! (Matthew was not being ignored he was just happy as a little bug sitting there sucking his blanket!)

I love these two pictures, and I loved our time in Airdrie with the Connolleys!

Although it was too cold to go outside and walk around Airdrie lights, we did drive by on our way out of town.  They were SO impressive!  I can't wait for a warm December 2011 night to walk the fellas around the lights!

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