Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our activity for today was to make paper snowflakes...but since this was more for me than the boys we decided to do glitter pedicures instead (by we I mean me, my sister, and my friend Erin).  The Pedicures turned out awesomely festive, but I figured you would all rather see pictures of the boys than our feet!

The boys decided today that they would like to start feeding themselves with spoons.  They refused to eat from the spoon that I had so I let them do it themselves.  So freaking funny!
Nathan and Lucas stuffing their faces!
 Going in for more...Nathan would go in with his spoon, and then his hand, and every time that I said no hands he looked so surprised!
 Three spoons in (one dirty hand)
 Digging in!
 We need to work on aim a little bit!
 Good work fellas!
 So cute!
 Now time to dip the hand again!
 I had quite a mess on my hands!
 awww, I love this one!  Our little boys are growing up!
 After snack it was straight into the bath!

Before bed the fellas were having another snack.  It started off with me feeding the boys...

 Matthew posing for our photographer Erin
 Lucas then decided he wanted to do it himself...

So messy, but SO fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Just wait until they blow raspberries with a mouthful!GAK

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