Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our activity for today was a "Christmas" playdate with the Roy and Winter girls.

Matthew and Giselle racing for something...doesn't Giselle look determined!
 The balls were FLYING out of the tent, and all of the kids could not have been having more fun!
 Action shot! (and if you look close you can see Matthew trying to sneak in through the window!)
 All three fellas on the move!
 The boys were having trouble getting in the front door of the tent (because the girlies were throwing balls out) so Nathan decided to go over top!!!
 Lexie, Venice and Nathan waiting for Jack to come out!

Chrissy sharing some cupcakes with the boys!
 Lucas loved Giselles shiny shoes!!
 Ali and her girls
 Chrissy and Lexie
 Me and my boys! (Lucas was not digging the opportunity to sit nicely with his mom and brothers for a picture)
 All the kiddos! Matthew was trying to escape and Lucas wanted no part in this picture either!


Christie said...

HAHAH LOVE the last pic the best! Super fun play date! The kids played so well together! Thanks for the snacks. Merry Christmas guys! Going to be a fun one!!

Kelsey said...

Too cute pics! Looks like everyone has SO MUCH FUN!

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