Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All over 6lbs...Well at least at 6lbs!

So the boys got weighed again yesterday and they are still growing like weeds. Nathan is now 6lbs 8oz (that was exactly what Matthew weighed last week), Matthew is now 7lbs 5oz, and Lucas is now 6lbs (he actually weighed in at 5lbs 15oz, but I am sure that he is 6lbs this morning!).
When the dietician found out how much they weighed she said...
"The boys are doing's like they are following a "How To Grow Perfectly if You Are A Triplet" handbook!" and that is an exact quote! hahaha
Here is a picture of the boys lounging around...they LOVE the cuddle chair. I think that owning a cuddle chair is a must for triplets!
Here is Nathan and Kailey, in matching stripes, cuddling and watching OTH. I think the boys may just love it as much as we do!

Bones has become VERY protective over the boys the last little while. When the boys are all in their playpen and someone new comes in and walks up to them, she runs at them barking and growling. Here is a picture of her in "guard mode"!

Here is Matty reading one of my favorite books with me...he was very entertained!

Looking at the pictures
Boys in stripes, I love when they are in coordinating outfits!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Buffalo Jump" Family Picnic

Today was the annual "Buffalo Jump" picnic. We actually had it at Mackenzie Trails this year so that the boys could make an appearance. It was so great to see everyone and for the boys to meet some more of their family. Here are some pics from today!
Me and my 3 little boys all bundled up to go to the bear suit was too hot so I took it off!The three little bears all ready to load into their carseats...Lucas looks a little suspicious.

All loaded up in their carseats and ready to go! I have been meaning to take a picture with them all in there each time we have loaded them up and finally remembered today. They fall asleep so fast once they are in their seats.

Out at the picnic...

hanging out around the fire...

other side of the fire...

GAK snuggling with little Nate...

Angela snuggling with Matty...

Aunty K and the three boys just chillin!

Way TOO funny!!!

This is a video I took today af the boys while they were sleeping today after the picnic!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Can't Believe I Forgot These Ones!

We took these pictures before John had to go to work. I thought I had posted them but turns out I never got around to it until now!
This one is our first family picture with everyone including Bones! John had been waiting for this one!
Here is a picture with ALL MY BOYS!!! I absolutely LOVE IT! Notice how Matthew is looking up at his Dad, SO CUTE!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are SO lucky!

I just want to start off this entry by saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that has come over to help us with feeding, burping, changing and cooking. You have no idea how much you are appreciated! There are way too many people to thank to name all the names but you all know who you are :)
John and I think that we are the LUCKIEST people to have these three wonderful boys and such wonderful family and friends!

Here is Kels's first pic with all 3 boys! Nathan's head started to tip a bit and since her hands were so full she had to use Lucas's foot to support it! What an innovative Auntie!Here is a picture of Aunty Karen feeding our little Lucas today!

Here is Matthew and Lucas cuddling on the pillow...they were so close that Lucas's nose was squished on Matthew's forehead!

Here is a picture of me and Matthew, he is such a great eater! This morning I was feeding Lucas and Matthew at the same time, Matthew finished first (no surprise) so he was laying there waiting for me to finish with Lucas and he burped himself, next step will be getting his own bottle ready hahaha!

Here is the first picture of Grammy with all three boys, I love this one!

So here is a picture of Grandpa holding all 3 boys, feeding two of them! Very Impressive! He was doing this so that I could work on this blog entry!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a Day!

Today was an incredibly productive day! The day started with a visit from our public health nurse...and wow are the boys ever growing! Matthew is now 6lbs 8oz, Nathan is 5lbs 14.5oz, and Lucas is 5lbs 4.5oz! They are growing so well that they get to come off of their special formula! We also can get rid of the 4lb carseat that we had to get and they can all fit in their matching 5lb seats!
This is a picture of what one of the "feeding stations" looks like in the morning. Mom said that it looks like the morning after a baby party with all the emptys!In the mornings when the boys are up we usually put the boys together in the playpen. This morning they were all swinging at each other and eating each other. The second one of them could get their mouths around someone else's arm, fist or elbow they were sucking on it!

Matthew tried out the pouch today. He was so happy in it that he fell asleep. I even got our junk drawer cleaned out while he was hanging out in the pouch!

I had to throw this picture of Nathan in just because he looked so cute!

Mom even had a chance to get the windows cleaned today! And check out that beautiful fence behind her! Thanks Blaine and Martin :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All kinds of New Things...

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days. The boys have tried all kinds of new things!
Here is Lucas after his bath in his new towel!
Here is Matthew telling Lucas a VERY interesting story! In the last couple of days the boys have started "talking" to each other. It doesn't matter if they are asleep or awake, if one of them starts talking/grunting the other two "answer" back, it is quite funny to listen to! The pillow has become the boys' favorite hangout spot during the day! Today while they were snuggled up on the pillow we thought that Lucas's shoulder looked a little empty so in came the flamingo!

We set up the "entertainment center" for the boys today. Lucas was so cute looking up at himself in the mirror!

Here is Matthew in the swing...he was not quite sure what he thought about it!

I love this picture of Grammy and Nathan

I was taking a picture of Aunty K going in to give Matty a kiss and it turned out to be an action shot....just as she got in there he let out a formula burp right in her face...we will start to work on his manners hahaha.

Baby number 2 to hit the swings. Nathan seemed to enjoy it a little more than his brother did...he swung for awhile and then fell asleep!

The boys got to meet their Great Aunty Sue today. Here is a picture of 3 Sinclairs (well 2 Sinclairs and a Woods) with our three little boys!

Amber came over for a visit today and as soon as she came in we plunked her down to feed our hungry little hippo, she did a wonderful job!

Here is Great Aunty K (or gak for short hahaha) having a little snuggle time with Lucas, I love how he is looking up at her!

Anybody who has ever been to our house before probably knows how much Bones loves to bury her ball in things...well today we were all out in the kitchen and I heard her burying her ball in something...when I went in to check on her she had pulled out a package of diapers and was burying her ball in diapers...thank goodness they were clean otherwise we would have had a real mess on our hands!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Last Couple of Days

So my new favorite thing to do is to put the boys in their strollers and go for a loop around the lake. The first time we went the boys seemed to enjoy it as much as I did...the second time not so much...I am sure that they will learn to love it!
Matthew is on the right and Nathan on the left, this was after their very first walk :)
John had to leave for work on Thursday. It was SO hard to let him go but we are just lucky that he got to be home for as long as he was. We wanted to get a family shot before he took a few tries to get one with us both looking, all three boys in view and Bones sitting pretty, this one is my favorite!

Today we had some fussy boys...the only way that Lucas was happy was on his tummy so we laid him over the pillow...we thought that he looked lonely so we put his brothers on the pillow with him and I think this was the best that they have slept since they came home...none of them made a peep until it was time for them to eat!

This is how Matthew was laying when we took the blanket relaxed! I always thought that this was a posed look but he moved around until he was comfortable and this was the end result.

Here is little Nate Dogg after we took his blanket off, he had his knees tucked right under himself.

Great Aunty K and Cale came over and helped us out this afternoon, here is Cale laughing at the faces that Lucas was making at him!

So up until tonight John has done ALL the baths...and we had two to do tonight. This is a picture of Nathan gettting his first bath from his Mom. I would have to say that it went pretty well...what can I say I learned from the best :)

Here is Nathan in his beautiful elephant towel...SOOO cute!

Bones has made such drastic improvements since the first day we brought the boys home. She is spending the night back at home for the first time since the boys have been here!!!

Here is Matthew, who has been nicknamed "hungry hippo" (because he always wakes up within 5 minutes of when he is scheduled to eat, and ALWAYS finishes his entire bottle) in his hippo towel after his bath, he was so hungry by the time we were done he was trying to eat it! What a cutie!

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