Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

John and I woke up excited as could was the day we were going to get to finally "see" our baby, to find out if it was a boy or a girl...even though we were both sure it was a girl (I had already bought a pink blanket). We had been counting down the days to our ultrasound for weeks.

My mom came with John and I to the ultrasound, we were almost late because John HAD to have a coffee (I can't stand being late for things...and if I am not there 5 minutes early I consider myself late).

We did get there on time, we sat there with butterflies in our stomachs because we were SO excited. They finally called me in and John and my mom had to wait in the waiting room until they had done all of the measurements and then they would be called in to see.

I got in the room and the ultrasound tech gooped the gel onto my tummy. Almost immediately she asked me "do twins run in your family?"
"is that a joke" I replied
"nope" she said "you're having twins"
As I was laying there I was instantly excited, twins, I had always that it would be fun to have twins. As I was thinking about all the fun things that we were going to do with our twins the ultrasound tech's voice changed to a tone that I am not even sure how to describe in writing, it was worried, nervous, and anxious all at the same time, "hold on a second" she said.
My heart sank, siamese twins I thought, maybe one of them does not have a heartbeat, all kinds of things were racing through my head.
"hold on a second" she said again, "there's another one"
"another what" I said
"another're having triplets"
We both started laughing, how could this be. Triplets??? Twins do not even run in my family. We only heard one heartbeat at our doctors appointment. I only ordered one crib, where will all the carseats go (this is the exact order that I thought these things in my head). I layed there and I started to cry. I started to cry the happiest tears I have ever cried. I wanted to tell John and my mom so badly but she had to measure all of the babies was going to take some time.
Meanwhile my mom and John were out in the waiting room, terrified that something was wrong. A bunch of other pregnant women had been in and out, all in about twenty minutes or so. Out they would come with their ultrasound pictures and they were still sitting there waiting. My mom says that John paced up and down the waiting room, and she sat there worried that something was wrong, that they could not find a heartbeat. The ultrasound tech sent someone out to tell them that nothing was wrong, and that they were just having trouble with the machine, John and mom did not believe her.
About an hour and a half later the measurements were all recorded and it was time to call mom and John in. The ultrasound tech said to me "let's not tell them right away, let's show them on the screen and see if they can tell," I agreed.
In came John and mom and both the ultrasound lady and I started talking so fast that they had no idea what either of us were saying. Finally it calmed down for a split second and John asked if it was a boy or a girl. I said "it's a boy", he grinned the biggest grin "and another boy" he looked a little confused "and a third boy" now he looked totally confused. Then he just started laughing (he laughed non-stop for probably a week or so). As mom was listening to this her knees gave out a little bit and she was hanging onto the counter to keep herself standing.
The ultrasound tech went through each of the boys and showed them to their dad and grammy.
As we walked out of the building we thought what a far stretch our reality was from what we expected heading in, and we could not be happier.
The rest of our day was A TON of fun going around and telling our friends and family or exciting news.
Now our lives are filled with smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, bottles, dirty diapers, and all other kinds of fun things...we would not change any of it. We love our three little guys more than life itself, and consider ourselves the luckiest people in the entire world.
If you have time leave a comment of your reaction when we first told you about the boys...I would love to write out all the stories but as you can imagine we run a little short on time every now and again.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember exactly how I reacted, after all it has been a full year!! What I do remember is you not telling me on the phone and that I HAD to come by to find out if it was and girl or boy. when I got to your houseand you told me there where 3 babies I thought you were joking until you unfolded the LONG ultrasound roll and then it was reality for me. I ran on the spot for a moment, screamed a little and then shed a few tears for you :)
John came by our house to tell Adam later that night. He know he needed proof so he brought the ultrasound pictures and they celebrated with a couple drinks!
Believe it or not Stac God only gives us what we can handle and you inspire me everyday with your patience and love...your boys are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.
Lv The Roth's

KimnSteve said...

I LOVE this story! "Looks like there are two in there," is what we heard on the most shocking day of our lives. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Stacey,
When you came to my house to tell me you started by saying you had to get another doctor. I couldn't believe it because I knew Dr. A did babies. I couldn't beleive she had quit and just when you needed her! I said, "Why? She does babies." You said "She doesn't do triplets." I had to pick my chin up off the floor. "TRIPLETS!" (Imagine the shriek) I have been bragging about them ever since. You and John have beautiful babies and I am so glad you share them with me. Love you all. GAK

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous story!! You made me cry, at work, again...haha Wow Stac, I can't believe that was a year ago, in a way, it seems like yesterday. What a freaking great day that was! I remember I was so excited all morning because you were going to come straight from the ultrasound to tell me at work if I was having a niece or a nephew, when I got called that you were here, I ran (skipped) to the front, turned the corner and said "well, what is it? what is it?!" you said "Its a boy!" I was so happy for you both and jumped up and down, then you said "and another boy" and I was like "whaaaaat? shut up - oh my god oh my god oh my god" I was SO excited...I mean TWINS? no WAY! Then you said "and ANOTHER BOY" and I think I blacked mom, my knees gave out, that has never happened to me, do you remember? bahhaha I kind of like stumbled into the corner and held onto the counter and I was crying and screaming and fighting for breath because I was LAUGHING SO HARD - all out of extreme excitement and pure happiness for you guys...right in the middle of the lobby and everyone was wondering what the heck was going on (Mandy always brings it up how she just sat in her receptionist area trying to give us a private family moment but could barely contain herself haha) I ran and hugged you and john and mom and we were all crying and laughing, it was such an amazing day - I will never forget it! Thank you both for that day and every day since - They are the three most amazing little boys, with the two most amazing parents!

Sometimes I still laugh as hard as I did that first day when I see them or look at a picture, or just think about them! ok, maybe not AS hard, because I was hysterical, I would be in one of those pillow rooms by now if I laughed THAT hard everytime I thought about them!! but I laugh because I'm still in disbelief and I'm excited and I feel so lucky and so happy and I'm in awe and in LOVE... and maybe just a little bit crazy!


From your sister

Ps - I can't wait to read Dad's comment...hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Stac... I remember seeing an odd facebook comment that I thought "she needs to fix that status because it sounds like she's having triplets". I called you up and sure enough, you were busy growing the three boys. I was at that time sitting home with my preemie (ONE baby) and wondering how people do this without losing their mind. All the daily struggles and worries I had over ONE baby, and the excitement and joy in your voice was inspiring. I love every visit, blog entry and conversation with you about babies... you should write a book my friend! New moms need people like you in their lives.
Mandi and Sam

Anonymous said...

Well Stacey I can not write down my actual first words as this is intended for family viewing and reading. I can say that I was VERY suprised and extremely happy all at the same time. I remember starting to look for a fishing boat almost right away. I have a trip planned to go take them to Disneyland, Blue Jay game, Eskimo game (I will let you guys take them to an Oiler game). I have so much fun when I see them and they smile at their grampa. I love going on walks with them, watching them jolly jump even just wiggle around. Simply put they are the greatest grandsons (for now, Kelsey may add to the list some day) anyone could ever wish for. I love them all !!!


Anonymous said...

Stace and John,
Wow what an absolutely incredible post.
I remember hearing from my mom in a phone call when I was sitting in my place in Toronto (which I must say was WAY to far away from you), and when my mom dropped the news that there were three! 3! (It STILL sounds so funny just to say it), I started laughing, gasping, shrieking, and yelling at Mark "Stacey is having TRIPLETS!, 3!". He immedietly joined me and we just could not stop talking about how funny it was, how awesome it was, and how amazing it is to be a part of this family. And then also panicking of course (just a little) that this gene, a TRIPLET gene, is in OUR family! We joked for ages about our last visit to your place where we were haning out with you and John seeing all of the Baby stuff you had bought so far (for ONE baby!) and all the extra room you had left for John and his TV and games. And how of couse, none of this was likely to remain now that there were going to be FIVE Alexanders!
We are incredibly happy for you guys, and the best part of our day is often looking at the happenings of your family. You are such an amazing mom, and John such an amazing Dad. Your kids are incredibly beautiful and they make us laugh every day even though we havent even met them yet.
We can not WAIT to make it home to meet them (and of couse see you and John again!). LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (All 5 of you!, and of couse Bones). x x x x
Mark and Christy

Anonymous said...

Stacey and John,
I don't remember if I cried that day, but I did cry when I read your post. I remember being numb, not believing it was happening and then having such fun going to tell Kelsey, Dad, Karen, Grandma and Grampa and experiencing their reactions. I remember thinking it was too much, but also thinking that if anyone could do it, it would be you and John.. . and I was right. Love you all,

Tricia, Miki, Avery & Juno said...


I love reading your sisters story because it makes me laugh just like it did the first time I heard it! she is a bit crazy. Just joking Kelsey.
When I found out we had been trying to get a hold of each other for a while as we were both going to tell eachother that we were pregnant. You beat me to it and then my news was just not really that exciting as you were having 3 I just started laughing! I think the funniest is when I told miki. His face was priceless. Even now when we go over and visit you guys him and Avery just sit quietly with a look of shock on their faces. I don't think Avery has ever been so quiet. I tell everyone about your family and how you are the only person I can imagine doing it. How you are baking everytime we go over, how we always leave with some sort of treat or gift that you have made.... everyone responds the same way "how does she have time for all of that". you and John are both amazing and have a beautiful family. I cannot wait to hear about all the adventures to come.

Amy and Andrew said...


Your post was great, it brought tears to my eyes. Andrew and I remember Johnny calling to see if we wanted to go for ice cream... I couldn't tell if you were about to tell us good news or bad news. I talked with Andrew and we assumed that it was twins. When you guys told us it was triplets we were shocked and so glad that all the babies were healthy. All we could think of was how your lives were about to change, but we knew that it was nothing you couldn't handle. We remembered Kelsey's speech at your wedding about your organization skills and realized that it was going to come in handy. You are such an inspiration. You are a great mother and I don't know how there is enough time in the day to do everything you do! Hope all is well and the boys are doing well (Johnny included).

Amy and Andrew

Anonymous said...

We agreed that John and Stace would not tell us the results until the day after the ultrasound when we were going to be in town. After the ultrasound Stacey phoned to confirm the plan. Later in the evening she phoned again to say "I can't wait for tomorrow - we are having triplets"
No! YES! No! - It's a miracle.
So we moved to Red Deer!
Trochu Grammy and Grandpa

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