Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GO Rebels GO!

Tonight we took the boys to their very first Rebels game.  Lots of our friends and family were going tonight and there were 2 extra tickets so we decided to give it a go...it is on our list of things to do before the boys turn two!

Here are the boys with Wooly Bully...they look interested hey?!?!

We went up to sit with Kevin, Cher, Emma and Tommy.  We had the PERFECT spot for triplets!  There were two seats that John and I sat in and we were kind of "boxed in".  The boys had a little bit of room to move around and they all had a space against the rail where they could climb...I mean watch the game!

Here is Matty watching intently...this lasted about 14 seconds!
 Luc and Kevin chilling in the row behind us!
 Daddy and Nate
 and then the funnest thing happened...

It was 1-0 for the rebels...
Just kidding...we made it onto the jumbotron!!! (but it was kind of exciting that the Rebs were up 1-0!)

Just a cute pic of Nate peeking back at the Lees!
 Lucas also peeking to see what all the fuss is about!

We finished off the first period with some ice cream...who can go to the Rebels game and not get a twist!  The boys LOVED it!

We "watched" the entire first period and the boys were awesome!  The boys were starting to get tired so we decided to head home.  The Rebels were up 2-0 so maybe we were good luck!!!

Thanks Keith for tickets, Mom and Dad for the help getting the boys in, The Lees for the help entertaining the fellas at the game and taking some pictures for us, and Cale for hooking us up with the Jumbotron!  Love you all!  Another activity checked off the list!


Ami said...

That's SO cool! What a great memory for those boys! LOVE that you made it to the jumbo-tron! I can't think of anyone cuter than a set of triplets to put on it! Way to go!

Ali said...

Its one thing to be on the jumbo-tron, bur another thing completly to get a picture of it!! That is so cool!

Tim and Darcy said...

That...is...AWESOME! Love that you were on the jumbo-tron....love that you got pictures of it! How fun!!!

Christie said...

BOOYAHHHH Jumbo Tron!!!!! Nice work! Like I said...you guys are famous!! Love it!

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