Saturday, August 28, 2010


This morning when we were at the farmers market the fellas got some new with squeakers in them. I always said I would NEVER have my kids running around squeaking...then we got home and put the shoes on them and it was SOOOOO funny! What was also funny was that the squeak that the shoes made was the EXACT same squeak as Bones' soccer ball! She was going just a tad nutty with six little squeaking feet running around the backyard.
After Matthew took his first squeaky steps he became as interested in his shoes as Bones was!Out of all three boys Matthew was the most amused by his new shoes.
Here is Nathan putting up a stink about getting his shoes on.
Bones and Matty go go going!
Nathan quickly changed his mind about the shoes when he heard them squeak.
Bones checking the box to see if there is a pair (or two) for her!
Little Luc
Matthew telling Nathan how to make the best squeaks!
Lucas wandering around the yard. It still catches me by surprise to look up and see them walking, SO CUTE!
Our Nate
Lucas Christopher
Nathan thought the squeaking was pretty funny too!

Lucas on the run!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So today was the fellas first birthday...where has the time gone??? John and I feel like the luckiest two people on the face of the earth. Last year at this time I do not think that we had any idea what we were getting into. We had no idea how much love, fun and giggles we were in for. We had no idea how many fun times we would have with our boys and our family and friends. I did not think it was possible but I think this last year with the boys in our lives we have become even closer to our family and friends. We honestly have the HAPPIEST lives anyone could ask for.
The boys and I had a fun day while dad was at work (minus their one year shots - but the boys were total troopers). They tried some new foods and even rode in their forward facing carseats! GAK, Grammy and I took the boys and met Mel and her fellas for a date at the park. Bennett surprised the boys with some balloons and timbits, they were a BIG hit!!!
We also had our family party for the boys. We had a cupcake and ice cream celebration. Here are some pictures.
We had our ice cream in chocolate dipped waffle cones or bowls...notice the blue green and orange sprinkles!yummy cupcakes
Custom waterbottles
Ice cream toppings
The boys putting on a show in the backyard.
Our 1 year old Lizard!
me and my boys
Our 1 year old Nate the Great
Funny boys
Our 1 year old Matty Bear
Nathan crawling around on the grass.
Waiting for their cake
Lucas couldn't wait for his cake so he decided to eat a piece of grass and a golf ball!
Very serious about getting his cake!
Patiently waiting
Nate and his cake
Matty going in for his cake
Lucas with two fists in.
Enjoying their cakes
mmmmm, not wqasting any time!

Full mouth
Bones getting her share!
John and I and our 1 year old boys...I can't believer we have three one year olds!
Nathan was so funny, he just kept squeezing the cake in his hands!
Ready to get out!After Luc and Nate got out Matthew kept eating
and eating
and eating!
The boys got so messy we had to take them in for a quick tub. Nathan loved being in the tub but was not impressed about having to get out so quick!
After Matty finally finished eating dad gave him a bath...he was the only one that needed his hair washed!
meanwhile outside people started making their ice cream treats!

Opening presents, the boys were spoiled, thanks again everyone!

G-pa Sinclair is in Toronto so we were trying to skype him so he could see the boys eating their we are trying to get him back online!
Aunty K in very talented and she wrote the boys a great poem for their birthday, here it is...

Oh my goodness, you boys are one
Hit the jackpot, we must have won
You brighten our days with your smiling faces
Just full of joy, there are no more spaces

Matty Bear, or "MB" as your Dad would say
An eskies linebacker no doubt, one day
Your mom puts you in green so we all know
That it is your bum we are wacthing go go go!

Nate the great, so great indeed
Except that time on my arm you peed
Sorry about those Sinclair ears
But they look good on you so have no fears.

Lucas is the littlest lizard
So small but strong, you're like a wizard.
"Don't mess with me" I see you say
then slyly smile and look away.

Today is your birthday 08/24
and heres to 101 more.
That's 303 for those keeping tabs
Happiest birthday to our favorite 3 lads!
Thanks again to everyone that has been a part of our lives for the past year and helped in making the most wonderful memories! We are so excited for all of the adventures to come!

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