Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

John and I woke up excited as could was the day we were going to get to finally "see" our baby, to find out if it was a boy or a girl...even though we were both sure it was a girl (I had already bought a pink blanket). We had been counting down the days to our ultrasound for weeks.

My mom came with John and I to the ultrasound, we were almost late because John HAD to have a coffee (I can't stand being late for things...and if I am not there 5 minutes early I consider myself late).

We did get there on time, we sat there with butterflies in our stomachs because we were SO excited. They finally called me in and John and my mom had to wait in the waiting room until they had done all of the measurements and then they would be called in to see.

I got in the room and the ultrasound tech gooped the gel onto my tummy. Almost immediately she asked me "do twins run in your family?"
"is that a joke" I replied
"nope" she said "you're having twins"
As I was laying there I was instantly excited, twins, I had always that it would be fun to have twins. As I was thinking about all the fun things that we were going to do with our twins the ultrasound tech's voice changed to a tone that I am not even sure how to describe in writing, it was worried, nervous, and anxious all at the same time, "hold on a second" she said.
My heart sank, siamese twins I thought, maybe one of them does not have a heartbeat, all kinds of things were racing through my head.
"hold on a second" she said again, "there's another one"
"another what" I said
"another're having triplets"
We both started laughing, how could this be. Triplets??? Twins do not even run in my family. We only heard one heartbeat at our doctors appointment. I only ordered one crib, where will all the carseats go (this is the exact order that I thought these things in my head). I layed there and I started to cry. I started to cry the happiest tears I have ever cried. I wanted to tell John and my mom so badly but she had to measure all of the babies was going to take some time.
Meanwhile my mom and John were out in the waiting room, terrified that something was wrong. A bunch of other pregnant women had been in and out, all in about twenty minutes or so. Out they would come with their ultrasound pictures and they were still sitting there waiting. My mom says that John paced up and down the waiting room, and she sat there worried that something was wrong, that they could not find a heartbeat. The ultrasound tech sent someone out to tell them that nothing was wrong, and that they were just having trouble with the machine, John and mom did not believe her.
About an hour and a half later the measurements were all recorded and it was time to call mom and John in. The ultrasound tech said to me "let's not tell them right away, let's show them on the screen and see if they can tell," I agreed.
In came John and mom and both the ultrasound lady and I started talking so fast that they had no idea what either of us were saying. Finally it calmed down for a split second and John asked if it was a boy or a girl. I said "it's a boy", he grinned the biggest grin "and another boy" he looked a little confused "and a third boy" now he looked totally confused. Then he just started laughing (he laughed non-stop for probably a week or so). As mom was listening to this her knees gave out a little bit and she was hanging onto the counter to keep herself standing.
The ultrasound tech went through each of the boys and showed them to their dad and grammy.
As we walked out of the building we thought what a far stretch our reality was from what we expected heading in, and we could not be happier.
The rest of our day was A TON of fun going around and telling our friends and family or exciting news.
Now our lives are filled with smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, bottles, dirty diapers, and all other kinds of fun things...we would not change any of it. We love our three little guys more than life itself, and consider ourselves the luckiest people in the entire world.
If you have time leave a comment of your reaction when we first told you about the boys...I would love to write out all the stories but as you can imagine we run a little short on time every now and again.

Monday, April 26, 2010

our boys

So today the fellas and I had a little photo shoot after their are my favorites


Our 3 little loves
I know that in last months picture the boys were wearing polos too but there is not much cuter than a baby boy in a polo shirt, I just can't help myself!

First fire of the season

On Friday night John and I took the boys over to the Roth's for the first fire of the 2010 season. We put the boys in their jammies before we went over because we thought that we would put them to bed there (so we could stay out somewhere past 7:00) and then when we were ready to go we would pack them up, take them home, and put them in their own beds. The boys did not stay up late enough to see the fire but they did get to play with Bennett and Gavin for a little bit before they went to bed...

Here are the five fellasThis is how we set them up in the basement...worked like a charm!
Here I am bringing Matty up...
John bringing Luc...
and don't worry we brought Nate home too...we just did not take a picture of it. The moving of the sleeping babies went really well, which we are super pumped about because it will give us a lot more freedom for the upcoming summer months...hopefully next time the boys can stay up to actually see the fire!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picnic at "the ponds"

Today the boys and I went for a picnic at Bower Ponds with some friends. When we left home it was beautiful outside, when we got there it was WINDY!! The boys were troopers though so we managed to have a good time.
Here is Matty when we got there just chillin in the strollerNate got the front seat for the ride over

and Lucas was laughing in the back!
Here are the boys and I playing (thanks Mel for taking some pictures so I am actually in some!!!)
Playing...from a funner angle!
Lucas playing at the park
My Nate
I was a little bit nervous about the actual "picnic" part of the picnic....we have never really fed the boys out in public before, but it went smoother than I could have ever hoped!
Here are the boys eating some of the sweet potato muffins
I could not get it into Luc's mouth dast enough so he decided to help himself!
onto some real food
The boys also each got a turn on the swings...

It went so well that we can't wait for the next one!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Are you my daddy???

The boys and I had a wonderful day today, we went for a wonderful walk, did some fun jumping, good napping, and a trip to costco (what wonderful day is complete without a trip to costco!) Usually when the boys come they just ride in their stroller and I grab the things I need and we are on our way...but today we went with Mel and her boys so we were able to fit all the boys into carts, we were quite a sight!

Here are the 5 boys all loaded up and ready to head in (Gavin is hiding behind Bennett and Nathan)Matty and Luc

Bennett, Gavin and Nate

The costco trip was quite a success, the boys loved riding in the carts...Nathan especially loved when he reached over and stole Bennett's sample of crab least we know he is not allergic to fish now!!!

Last night after the boys went to bed we shaved John's head...the boys were pulling his hair ALL THE TIME so it had to go!!! When John got home from work today the boys had trouble recognizing him...

Nate looking at Daddy...


Luc knew it was him right away...

"Your hair looks different today dad...but I know it is you!"

Matty had to be convinced...

"I am still not quite sure you are my daddy"

It took awhile but Nate finally figured out that this was in fact his daddy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Sun!!!

Today was the most time we have spent outside in one day since the boys were born...and EVERYONE LOVED IT! The boys and I went for a nice long walk this morning at Bower Ponds with Mel and her boys, came home and ate lunch and went outside to play a bit, then after their nap we went rollerblading to Aunty K and Uncle G's, and then came home and ate supper outside in the yard...I am SO glad the warm weather is finally here...I just hope it is here to stay!!!
Here are some pictures from when we were out on the deck after lunch (I just noticed that I really need to work on the whole reflection thing!)

Daddy feeding the boys their first "picnic" supper

We have lots of fun things planned for tomorrow so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it is as warm as they say it is going to be!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just another walk in the park

Finally some if that wind would just go away for awhile it would be perfect baby weather...but despite the wind it was sunny enough for the boys to put on their shades for our walk today.
Here is Luc sporting his sunglasses (I just noticed that I can see myself in his sunglasses and that Matty is trying to peek in the picture too!)Matthew hanging out (again me in the reflection!)

and Nathan in his!
After the walk the boys were looking super adorable, and fairly contemplative, so I had to take a few more pictures!

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