Friday, December 11, 2009

14 more sleeps until Christmas!

Here are the boys doing their morning tummy time! (after the first time we got them dressed this morning)Little Luc

Nate the great

Matty bear (trying to fly again!)

The boys had their 4 month check-up today! (they do not actually have their 4 month birthday until Christmas eve but we had to get in there before the holidays!) Although they are naked in these pictures, they were changed again before their appointment...we were having pant issues with their other suits!
Aunty K and Matthew. Matthew is now in the 75th percentile when he is age corrected! (up from 50th at his 6 week check-up)

Grammy and Nathan. He is now in the 50th percentile (up from the 25th!).

Me and my in the 25th percentile, up from the 10th!

After the Dr appointment we completed today's task...Eastview's Christmas lunch...once again they all had to be changed before we made this trip!
here is Monique snuggling with Nate!
Averill and Matty

The ladies checking out the boys!
Aunty K with Luc (he just woke up and was pretty cranky!) and Sherri with Matty!
Catherine with one of the boys!
We found the perfect set-up for one person to feed two and entertain one...just in time since Grammy has to go back to work in January!
Changed again into something a little more comfy after the lunch...I had to change this time too!!!

In their pjs (another change) ready for bed!
Nate and Matt cuddling under their fuzzy blanket!

So if anyone was keeping track that was 5 changes times 3 babies plus one Mom change, one Aunty change and one Grammy change resulting in 18 total changes!!! Hopefully we can cut down on this tomorrow!

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KimnSteve said...

We named our twins Matthew and Nathan, too! I found your blog on the M&M site, then had to keep reading...what a good time you seem to be having getting ready for Christmas. Congratulations!

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