Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kitchen Expansion

It has been awhile since I have blogged...we have been busy working on our kitchen expansion!  But now that it is all done I should have a little more time! hahaha!

We moved the boys' kitchen out by our kitchen and they LOVE it out there!  I decided to do this post after the boys were in bed so unfortunately I could not get a picture of them playing at it...maybe tomorrow!
 I also just had to post this picture of their winter coats hanging up, LOVE it!


MANDI said...

Best kitchen reno that I've seen in a long time!!! So cute! I can only imagine the cookin' that goes on in there!!!! Too much fun!

The Roths said...

Teaching the boys at a young age to be an amazing baker like their mom! Good JOB

Ami said...

That is super cute!! I can't wait to see pictures of them playing in it!!

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