Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First overall pick baby!!!

As Oilers fans we have not had a whole lot to cheer about this year. Tonight we finally got a chance for the boys to wear their jerseys...we got first pick in the upcoming draft!!! YAY!!
Here some pictures of the boys celebrating!


Anonymous said...

how can they make me laugh everytime I look at them?! I think its cause I love them so much I just need to let it out somehow! haha So cute! Their jerseys fit alot better now than the pic I have up in my office (I think they are 2 months old!)
Aunty K

KimnSteve said...

You have the smiliest babies ever! And that last one is SO funny!

Tricia, Miki, Avery & Juno said...

Too cute! I love the picture with one of the boys in the middle laying down..I am going to laugh the day one of them becomes a flames fan!

Amy and Andrew said...

Holy smokes are they cute.

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