Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...

So this morning after the boys got up we fed them and threw them in their carseats to head over to Grandma and Grandpa's house...none of us even got out of our pjs!
Here are g-ma and gg-ma with Luc and Matty!Aunty K helping Luc out with his very first stocking!
GG-ma helping Nate sort through all of his new things.
GG-pa and Matty having a little snuggle after checking out the stocking!
Little Luc with one of his new toys
Nathan checking out a new teether...he knew exactly what to do with it!
Matthew playing with gg-pa and his new toy!
Luc and Nate checking out their new Edmonton Oilers Christmas tree ornaments...Nate is amazed!
Kels and G got Bones a new Christmas can switch the Naughty patch over and it says nice...needless to say we decided we could probably sew her patch Naughty side up!
Nate in his new hat!
Daddy and Nate opening a present.
GG-ma cuddling Matty before his nap
Luc cuddling with his new pal Scortch
Matty with his new friend Goldkin...we will just call him Bear for short!
Nate and his buddy Jeepers Peepers...or was it Jeepers Creepers???
Some of the boys hanging out watching our Christmas movie Tombstone!
Taking a break from the movie for a quick picture
Daddy and Matty at Christmas dinner wearing their crowns...the other two boys napped right through supper!
Hanging out after supper!
Nate and Grammy
The boys had a WONDERFUL first Christmas! They were absolutely spoiled as usual and it was great to be able to spend the day with a bunch of people that we all love!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alexanders,

I have enjoyed so much checking the blog each day to see what is new. Thank you for sharing your bsbies with us. I will miss the daily updates and will look forward to when you will get back to posting new things-you have earned a break! Our Christmas was lovely because we got to spend it with you. Love you all so much.

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