Sunday, January 9, 2011

25 things you didn't know about me...Johnny style!

We got so many laughs out of Stac's 25 things that I decided to do my own.  Here they are
1.  Let me tell you about busses...I hate them!!!  When I was in elementary my mom used to pay for me to go to school in a cab because I refused to take the bus.  Our boys better not share this feeling because they WILL be taking the bus to school!
2.  My name is Johnny and I am a clean freak.  I sometimes vacuum three times a day...I know, I am nuts!  My favorite wedding gift was a swiffer!
3.  I love movies and video games.  I have been known to stay up ALL night watching/playing...and I mean all night.  When Stacey used to get up to go to work she would tell me to go to bed.
4.  Lucas's middle name (Christopher) came from my favorite Sopranos character.
5.  My favorite team in the world is the Edmonton Oilers or whoever is playing the Calgary Flames.  GO OILERS GO!!!
6.  Have you seen the commercial about "cat love"?  The guy is talking about going for a picnic with his cat while his buddies are waiting for him to go golfing...this is pretty much me and Bones, my favorite little sausage dog.
7.  I am a very competitive person...I hate to lose.
8.  I have expensive taste...which doesn't work out to well when we are on a budget!
9.  When Stacey and I found out we were having three boys (instead of the one girl we had predicted), I laughed for a month straight.
10.  The scariest moment of my life was asking Stacey's dad if I could marry heart actually skipped a few beats!
11.  At our wedding I had to ask the JP to repeat what I was supposed to say...and even then I said it wrong! hahaha
12.  I wish I knew how to play the guitar...a real one, because I already rock at guitar hero, 100% baby!
13.  I am a strong believer that the season salt should be kept with the ziploc bags, not the other spices...for some reason Stac and her sister think this is weird?!?!?!
14.  I have streaked before...more than once.
15.  I LOVE spicy food.  The hotter the better.  I still don't feel like I have met my match.
16.  I love dinosaurs, when I was little I always wanted to be in the Jurassic Park movie.
17.  Discovery Channel's shark week is one of my favorite weeks.  All on the PVR!  One of the things on my bucket list is to do a shark dive.
18.  I have 2 for the road, and one for at home. (the wires on the one that is at home go through the wall so I couldn't even get it out if I wanted to...had to get another!)
19.  I am good at remembering faces...AWFUL at remembering names...really awful!
20.  There are two times when I hate driving...I hate driving when there is less than 1/2 a tank of gas, and I hate driving in big cities.
21.  One of my nicknames is GPS...and not because I am good with directions, it is actually the opposite.  ..I get lost more often than not!
22.  My favorite store is Costco, has everything I need.
23.  If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy is a black range those things!
24.  If it weren't for my wife's cooking I would probably starve to death.  All I can make myself is campbells soup and KD.
25.  I am a gleek!

Stacey told me to end by saying something, but I think that I have already said too much!


MANDI said...

I LOVE this list... you are just as strangely wonderful as your wife!!! Thanks for sharing!

Ami said...

Hooray for hubby blogs! I'm SO gonna make my husband do this! I would totally agree with your #17! I LOVE Shark Week! (Though I will NOT be doing a shark dive. EVER!) Good idea Alexander Fam!!

Kelsey said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA, they are all awesome and hilarious, but the cab thing?! I will be laughing about that for days!!! Love you guys no matter how weird you are!!

Anonymous said...

Love it John! Thanks for sharing!Love you guys so much!GAK

Twin Engines said...

You Canadians! (Makes me wish I were one!) Hmm, might borrow this blog post idea, k?

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