Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 more sleeps until Christmas!

Here are Matty and Luc with today's envelope (Nate was asleep)
Here is Nate with Today's task: try on the Santa suits

Here is Luc in his!
Little Luc
Bones trying to steal Luc's hat
One last pic of Santa Luc
Next up Mr. Matthew
trying to fly (we have not told him that Santa has flying reindeer so he does not need to fly)
Bones now trying to get Matty's hat
Trying to fly again (I know that this is VERY similar to the other picture but I love them both!)

Now Nate's turn!
trying to watch tv during our photo shoot!

full body shot...the black boots are hard to see on the black background but if you look hard you can see them!
he looks a little skinnier than a regular santa!

Time to complete yesterday's task (watching the Grinch)
Here is Aunty K and Luc
Grammy and Matty Bear
GAK and Nate in matching red outfits!

Nate and Matty still watching the Grinch...Nathan was the only one that actually watched the entire show...but he LOVED it!!!
Me and my Nate
Nathan and Luc had fallen asleep so I read to Matthew!
We are finally all caught up!!!

1 comment:

G Auntie Sue How about "Gauntie Sue" ? said...

Santa times 3 - Ho Ho Ho!!!
Too cute. Those guys just make me so happy - just looking at their pictures. Love you all!

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