Tuesday, December 8, 2009

17 more sleeps until Christmas!

Our adorable little guys with today's envelope!Today's task:make lanterns for the walkway (okay so this one is more for me than for John and the boys, I just knew that if I did not put it in here I would not end up getting them done. There are no pictures of them tonight because they are not quite done yet...hopefully they will be picture ready for tomorrow's post)

The boys have been doign SO GOOD at tummy time lately that we decided to give them another try in the bumbo chairs (now known as snuggle bums).

Here is Matthew
and Nathan

As the boys started fussing we took them out of their snuggle bums one at a time. We started with a one baby pile-up (not exactly picture worthy)...then a two baby pile-up...

and finally all three!

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