Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas take two!

So today we celebrated Christmas with the Alexander side of the family. We packed the boys up and headed out first thing (our first thing is about 9:00ish).
Here are our three little fellas with their new buddies. We put them in their carseats for the drive out and when we got there we unzipped the covers and found Lucas with both of his arms wrapped around Scortch, Nathan was giving Jeepers Peepers kisses and Matthew and Bear were face to face checking each other out! I can tell already that these stuffed animals will not be left behind on many trips!Matty and his Bear
The Lizard and Scortch!
Nate and the Great Camel!Our Family, mom and dad looking pretty tired!
Daddy and Nate focused on the turkey!
Uncle Franny and Matthew
Nana and Grandpa with the boys
Uncle Franny and the fellas


Erin . Keyes said...

so cute Mrs.A. fr Erin.K

Tricia & Miki said...

I love the month to month pictures of the boys. What a good idea! I am just going to copy what you do on your blog b/c it rocks.
Say hi to all the boys

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