Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 more sleeps until Christmas!

So today's task was to make nanimo did get done but there are no pictures...maybe we will have some pictures of us eating them tomorrow!!! So today I decided to do a post with some of the different activities that the boys do during the day...
Cuddling with family and friends is one of their absolute favorite things to is Cale and Nathan having a little cuddle!Here is Lucas having a nap...they are getting better at afternoon naps in the last two days...hopefully they can keep it up!!!

Here is Luc in a little spontaneous photo shoot!
Tummy time!
We just added the jolly jumper into the mix far so good. I could not believe how long Matty played in it today!!!
Nate during a little chair time!

Luc's turn in the jumper!

peeking over to see what everyone else is upto!
More tummy time, just checking out the blocks!

Matty looking at his brother

Nathan looking at one of his brothers (they are looking at each other more and more lately and it is so cute!)

Baby Conference...
I like this one because you can see Nathan and Matthew looking at each other!

Luc in the Bumbo
So this was just a sneak peak at some of the things that the boys do during the day...our living room is FILLED with different stations!

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