Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 more sleeps until Christmas!

This morning started off lovely with a sleep in until 8:45 and then a visit from the Jansens.
Here are some pics...

Nathan decided that he could start holding his own bottle! He actually held onto it and drank from it for a few minutes! And yes that is a GIANT scratch on the side of his face...I even cut his nails yesterday...when I looked this morning I could not find any nail sharp enough to cut his face...maybe one of the other boys hopped over into his crib in the night! hahaha

So today's task was to make snow angels. When I looked outside this morning I thought about what a perfect picture we would get of the boys in their bear suits out in the snow. There were big beautiful snowflakes falling and everything. So we got them loaded into their suits, and took them outside...unfortunately I only got 2 pictures (John decided to come outside in shorts and bare feet so he was kind of in a hurry to get back inside) and this is the best of the 2...not quite what I had imagined!

The aftermath...

Matthew had an okay time out in the snow!
Nathan was terrified
And Lucas was concerned (as usual!)
When I went down the hall a little later I saw the three bear suits hanging up to dry and just had to take a picture of them!

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GAuntie Sue said...

Lovin' the AFTERMATH!

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