Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 more sleeps until Christmas!

Hanging out with the Roths
Stacey and Bennett having a cute moment
Nate comfortable in his carseat for once!
Lucas and Stacey hanging out before the search for good Christmas lights in Red Deer
Mr.Roth and Mr.Alexander having a beer and hanging out with Lucas
A future Flames netminder and the starting line of the Oilers face to face! hahaha
The biggest canycane EVER!!!
Same house, nice work...the guy was out shovelling so we had to sneak this pic!
What religion is this? Santa, Elves, Nutcrackers, Penguins dressed up as Santa, Jesus, Snowmen, and Polarbears...that's just the front yard!
This is what happens when a husband does not listen to his wife...stuck far in an alley nowhere to go but backwards...yet I look so happy! (Stacey's face was not quite as thrilled!)

The train tracks....BEWARE...Don't ever go down this alley

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