Saturday, December 5, 2009

20 more sleeps until Christmas!

Here are our little guys with today's envelope...Today's task: put on the Christmas pillowcases and pick out fabric for the boys' Christmas blankets.

Me and Nate sharing stories!

Here is the drift that was outside our front door this morning...luckily our next door neighbor has a snow blower and did our walk and driveway a couple of times in the last 24hours! Our garage door is not moving up or down right now and since the boys can't all fit in the jetta (the acadia is stuck in the garage) and the jetta most likely could not navigate today's roads, we were snowed in! The blankets will have to wait until a nicer day!
Dad and Nathan just chillin!

Watching the Oilers win!!! I LOVE this picture!

Today was a LONG day for our family...I think it was the combo of being snowed in and that 2 of the boys were up at 6:30 and did not feel like going back to bed and none of them really felt like napping today. I was getting kind of flustered that none of them would take a nap more than 5 minutes long and then our little Matty Bear started to giggle...totally made my day! I cannot wait for the other boys to start too! I did not get a picture of him laughing because I was laughing too hard...but here he is just hanging out on the cuddle chair.
11:00 - two in bed, finally get the Christmas pillowcases on, and nobody has made it out of their pjs today...just changed from last nights pair to tonight's pair :)

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Auntie Sue said...

Stacey - YOU are AMAZING! Such organization - with the Advent Calendar Task Envelopes! LOVE it! Love YOU!

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