Tuesday, December 1, 2009

24 more sleeps until Christmas!

So I have made an advent calendar with an activity a day counting down to Christmas...here are the pics from our first day!
Here are the boys with today's envelope!Dad and Nate opened it up...todays activity is to set-up the Christmas tree and put on the boys' "baby's first Christmas ornaments"

Here is Dad bringing up the tree

Mom bringing up some decorations

Dad helping Matty Bear put up his ornament. Instead of the typical dated baby ornaments we got each of the boys a skating reindeer...SO CUTE!!! (They even came in a pack of three)

Dad helping Luc put up his ornament

Mom helping Nate put up his ornament

The boys are now completely mezmorised with the lights on the tree...I stood behind the tree to take this picture!

Here is our finished tree for 2009!

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Auntie Sue said...

Cute little skating reindeers! The Woods family Christmas tree has some kind of ornament each year with the kids' photos on it. So now we have 52 - the tree is covered, and it is SO cool to look back and see what they each looked like in any particular year. Fun!

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