Friday, December 18, 2009

7 more sleeps until Christmas!

So today's Christmas activity was to go over to Aunty K's new house for her housewarming much fun and her house looks AMAZING!!! Here are the pictures...
Nate trying on Grandpa's glassesHere are the boys when we arrived at Aunty K's

Serving up the moose milk...mmmmm
GG-pa gets the first Moose milk on Ireland Cres!
GG-ma feeding Matty Bear (he was wishing that it was moosemilk in his bottle hahaha)
Charlie and Luc
Now it is Nate's turn to eat!
GG-ma and Mr Matty
G-pa and Luc snuggling on the couch!
Matthew and Charlie
Kels got Gaelan soccer ball Christmas tree ornaments and when they put them up on their tree Bones went a little all know how she feels about her soccerball!!!
G-ma and Luc
Matty hanging out on one of the new exercise mats!
G-ma and Nate

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Anonymous said...


The house looks amazing and I am so sorry we weren't there. For some reason, I thought it was a no go or we would have gone. The babies looked like they really enjoyed it too.GAK

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