Saturday, December 12, 2009

13 more sleeps until Christmas!

So our task today was to make some Christmas is Luc helping out in the kitchen!!! Nana Alexander and the boys

So since I do not have many pictures from today I thought I would post the pictures from the Christmas Tree lighting and Santa Claus parade that we went to at the end of we go...

Kels and I (mostly Kels) made homemade marshmallows to put in the hot chocolate before we went down to the parade...these marshmallows are the CRAZIEST thing I have ever seen get made and SO tasty plus you get to cut them into all kinds of fun shapes, I mean who does not want a Christmas tree marshmallow floating around in their hot chocolate!...if you are interested in trying them out the recipe is called snowflake marshmallows and can be found on the Martha Stewart website! This is what they looked like before they set and got cut-out...
Here is Kendra and her two little guys having a Christmas cupcake.
Nathan got to meet Charlie and Tiff...Charlie had all kinds of secrets to tell our little Nate!
Checking each other out
shhhh..don't tell the secret!

another one that is too cute not to put up!

The best part of the entire parade was this hot air balloon basket...all it did was shoot fire but when it was going you could feel the heat from quite a ways away!
Kels and Tiff

Matty was the only one of our little guys that woke up while we were downtown. Here are me and Kels with our little polar bear...we took turns holding him because he was like a little heater!

Here is Nate...could not even see the parade if he wanted to!!!
Our little brown bear fast asleep!
Aunty K's turn for the heater!
Here is our whole gang! I LOVE this shot!
Then the big people squished in for antoehr shot!

Matty snuggling Aunty K on the walk back to the car.
It was quite an ordeal in the parking lot getting ready to go and then packing up to go home...we had 7 adults, 7 kids, 3 carseats and 5 strollers!!! We were fairly effiecient if I do say so!

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