Monday, December 7, 2009

18 more sleeps until Christmas!

After the last two days of not getting to the envelope until late I thought to myself that we would open today's first thing in the morning...but then John could not sleep last night so he slept in this morning...when he got up we got busy all of a sudden and then when things calmed down I had a nap...then we ate and before we knew it it was already 8:00, man does time ever fly! ...tomorrow we will do it earlier hahaha! Today's task:go to starbucks and get a hot chocolate!
So we loaded them all is our little Nathan
Our little Lucas

and our little Matthew

all loaded up ready to go...except Bones can not seem to find her spot since my gym bag is on her bed, she was less than impressed!
Since it has gotten so cold outside to start this week it was quite an ordeal to get ready to go! To get the boys loaded we had to back the vehicle out of the garage and turn it on so that the inside would heat up a bit. Then we loaded the boys in their carseats...bear suits, touques, blankets and carseat snugglers. Then we re-opened the garage, pulled the vehicle back in and loaded the boys into the car...and then finally we were off! This is the coldest it has been that we have had the boys out so I was kind of nervous that they would be cold...but even though it dipped to -32 while we were out and about, when we got home and unloaded them they were all super warm! Way to go Old Navy bear suits!
Johnny enjoying his hot chocolate!
me loving mine!

I just had to put this picture up...John read the boys a story before bed tonight and they LOVED it! So CUTE!!!

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