Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 more sleeps until Christmas!

So the boys had a great night last night (they all slept 10hours) but another long day today! At one point we had to call Aunty K in for assistance and when she got here all 5 of us were crying! We made it through though, packed up and went over to Grammy and Grandpa's house to help decorate the tree (our task for today)!

Here is a happy Matty BearThe Lizard...not quite sure if he wants to be happy or not!
Still not sure...but excited to be decorating! hahaha

Aunty K stringing the lights!
Matthew and Lucas hanging out with Pere Noel...notice the toys in his hand!

GAK and the boys

Aunty K and Luc
GAK and Matty
Me and my mom drinking a MUCH deserved glass of wine!
Kels teasing Bones with one of the Christmas toys!
There are no pictures of Nate because he slept the ENTIRE time we were over at the G-Units!
We had a ton of fun tonight setting up the tree, having a glass of wine (adults only) and having a ton of laughs!

1 comment:

GAuntie Sue said...

I haven't seen Cindy looking that relaxed and effervescent in quite some time. Funny what a glass of wine will do for a Grandma.

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