Sunday, May 16, 2010

3rd Annual Mothers Day Brunch

Today we went over to Aunty K's for the third annual mothers day brunch (last weekend didn't work for everyone so we switched it!).
Here is GG-ma, Jeff and Uncle GregGG-pa and GG-ma Sinclair
Me and my Matty
GG-pa Braham
Cale and Gaelan
Uncle Dave
Aunty K
Great Aunty Sue and Lucas
Aunty Sue gathering up the boys one by one to get a picture...did not exactly work now that the boys are mobile!
Lucas crawling over Matty
Aunty K and Luc
Family Shot! I LOVE this one!
This was what was happening on the other side of the camera to get all of the boys to sit still for 2 seconds! Thanks to these three for making it possible to get a family picture!
It was so nice outside that we decided to go out and get a pool for the boys to splash around in. Here is daddy blowing it up!
And here are the boys playing with was fun before it was even blown up! We did not end up getting to use the pool today but the forecast looks great so I am sure we will be out there soon!

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KimnSteve said...

Happy Mother's Day! Looks like it was a great brunch. Are you kidding me? It's an "event" to go to the zoo even though it's just 10 miles away! Everything is an event!

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