Thursday, March 31, 2011

Locked Out!

For some reason tonight I am struggling to come up with words to describe our adventure today, I can't come up with a title and I don't know how to start.  I guess I will start with a little explanation of one of our routines.

 When I am loading the boys into the car I take them out one at a time, put them in their carseat, and go back for the next one.  When we get home I do the same thing in reverse.

This morning when we got home I got Matty out of the car and put him in the house.  Then I went back and got Nate, and took him into the house.  Then back for Luc...but we did not get back into the house...the other boys had locked us out!

They have never shown any interest in the lock so I had not really thought much about it.  I had however thought that if it did happen I would just use the keypad and go in through the front door.  Unfortunately today for some reason I had left the bottom part of the front door locked so no luck.  So what does any girl do when she does not know what to do...calls her Momma!

My mom called the locksmith for me, and they said that someone was on their way.  I thought that it would not be too long because awhile back Bones locked herself in the car and they were here in about ten minutes.

So Luc and I went to the front window and the other boys met us there (from the inside of course).  We high fived through the window, gave kisses through the window, and for the first 25 minutes they were fine...that's right 25 minutes!!!  I called the locksmith probably 5 times and each time they said it would just be a few more minutes...GRRR.  Finally about half an hour later we were in the house...and not because of the locksmith, I used a screwdriver to work my way in through the garage.  Talk about an upsetting morning.  Everyone was ok, the inside guys were super brave and stayed with me at the front window the entire time!

I did manage to get a couple of pictures...
Me and Luc in the reflection...Matty and Nate (you can just see the orange of his coat) inside!
 and again!


Ami said...

Oh My goodness Stacey!! This was an awesome blog! i genuinely feel sorry for you and the boys, but I love that everyone totally handled it! And let's be honest, it made for a damn good blog!

Twin Engines said...

Holy Smokes! What a rotten morning! And what a hilarious story to tell the boys for years to come!!

Ali said...

I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about you being locked out! At least it was warm out and the boys are so good to stay with you at the window!
Stupid locksmith!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ali - Stupid Locksmith!!!

Annette said...

Oh my goodness- I am so happy everyone was safe, and sorry about the locksmith.

Great blog-- I popped over from Multiples and More.

Tim and Darcy said...

OMG, I would have freaked! Good for you for handling it with high 5s and kisses through windows :) And I LOVE the pics...the top one is so dang cute!!!

Gauntie Sue said...

You are a Momma Extraordinaire to have handled the situation as well as you did. And to take the pictures too??? Great Work Stac.

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