Friday, May 7, 2010

What's worse than one sick baby???

All three of our little fellas are fighting a nasty cold. They have all been little troopers for majority of feeling yucky but yesterday at about 3:20 EVERYONE had a meltdown! Luckily my mom was on her way over and my sister made a surprise drop-in!
Here is Aunty K and Nate (I threw this one in there for everyone who thinks the boys are happy ALL the time hahaha)Me and Matthew
(they all looked like Nathan until they saw the camera and then they turned their frowns upsidedown!)

Grammy and Lucas, again 20 seconds before this he looked like his brother!
After the "camera calming" the boys stayed pretty happy for the rest of the night. note to self next time there are fussers get out the camera!!! Here is Nathan, Bones and Daddy hanging out in the cuddle chair.
Lucas decided to come and cuddle too!
The boys are feeling better today, still not 100% though.

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